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Zom-BZom-B is a YA story about zombie apocalypse. It has a different approach with subjects like racism and abusing. I liked the way this book was introduced and I am sure its a good starting to the series. Lot of surprises and suspense materials will give a strong hold on the story and it is very quick read.

B is a teen living in England with a racist, abusive father who drinks too much and beats B and B’s mother on a daily basis. Weird thing is, B loves him and hates him at the same time for his despicable bias. Just to please him B has to hit kids from other religion and skin color.  By becoming a teen who is a trouble-maker, fighter, and racist B is trying to make him proud. But something is happening in the world recently, the news about zombies is spreading all over and B has seen some weird people hanging around. But when zombies attack the school there is no time to panic, B and friends are searching for a way out but seems like the attack was planned and door are locked. Who is behind these attacks? What are these creatures called zombies? 

This book is more about B than zombies. The exciting stuff didn’t happen until the end. I was so surprised to find out about B at the end. ( I am not going to spoil that for you, I have tried so much to hide that in my review) I totally did not expect that. My rating 3 out of 5. I recommend this book to zombie fiction fans, but there is not a lot of action but I am sure other books in the series will have that covered.

My life as a white thrash zombie“It reminds me of an old joke: What did the Zombie say to the whore?”
I looked at him blankly. “Um….what?”
He winked. “Keep the tip.”

My life as a white thrash zombie is the first book in ”White Thrash Zombie” series. In this book zombies are shown in different angle.  In every other book you might have read about walking dead zombies killing people mindlessly. But in book our zombie has a life which apparently sucks but like all normal teenagers it has problems in life.

Angel Crawford is your typical white trash chick with a pill popping addiction and with a addicted boyfriend living with her alcoholic dad in Louisiana. One day she finds herself in hospital waking up from a bad accident with no memory of what really happened. Hospital staff say that she was found butt naked lying on road but no one knows what is the true story. She finds a note addressed to her saying that she is required to take a job otherwise she will be dead, thinking that this note is from her parole officer and that she’s being threatened with jail she opts to take the job instead. Now she is working in Coroner’s Office as a driver and helper in postmortem of dead bodies. Angel starts noticing odd changes like how she’s somehow able to stand the sight of the dead bodies when before the accident she was squeamish from just the sight of blood. She also starts noticing that the bodies have a pleasant scent to them like chocolate and cookies and biscuits and gravy and everything else that was delicious. Bodies start turning up all over town with their heads missing and it begins to look suspiciously like a rogue zombie just trying to get his next meal. Angel is so close to find out who is the murderer but her suspect ends up as next victim.

There is a lot of humor and suspense which will make the book interesting to read. My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a must read if you are a zombie fiction fan.

Dark hollow places ”Dark and Hollow Places” is the 3rd installment in Forest f Hands and Teeth series. The first book in the series was such a great story, then came the second book ”The Dead Tossed Waves” with completely different set of characters which failed to answer the questions from the first book. And then came this 3rd book, even though most of the characters are familiar, the story looses the track. I started skimming through the mid book because things were repeated over and over.  What a lousy sequel for a great story.

This story is about Annah, sister of Gabry from the second book. Elias went in search of Gabry leaving Annah behind, where she faces the loneliness and learns to live with it in the memory of her lover and long lost sister. But one day she meets her sister and come to know that her lover is no longer hers, now he is her sisters love,her own twin sister who just looks like her but more beautiful and scare less. She learns to live with it and she finds her love in Catcher who was heartbroken by her sister and who is immune to this walking dead infection. There are some people who wants to use his immunity to survive the horror.

My rating: 2 out of 5. It was very slow and repetitive. I had high hopes for this series but only first book in the series was good.

Deadline by Mira Grant Deadline  is the second book in Newsflesh Trilogy. This zombie series are entirely different than others, because these  are more like science and political related than horror and zombies.  The undead are just in the background while men do all the dirty work in their name.

I am not a big fan of this series, the first book- Feed was good compared to the second book. Now that his sister is dead, Shaun Mason is in charge of running the news organization he built with his sister. But he can hardly concentrate on that. Now he is not an Erwin, playing with dead things are not fun anymore. One day a CDC researcher fakes her own death and appears on his doorstep  with a secret that brings back the reason for Shaun to live and fight. They face planned attacks wherever they go. Someone is preventing them from knowing the truth behind the secret.

Its a good concept, but I found the book bit boring and slow going. As it lacks zombie action its ”dry and hard to finish reading kind”. My  rating: 2 out of 5.

Hare MoonPrequels are new trend nowadays, every series comes up with a prequel at the end. But I wasn’t impressed by Hare Moon. It was a very quick read, only 40 pages. But Carrie Ryan has written this story quite a few times already in her other books and reading it again doesn’t make any sense. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of ”Forest of Hands and Teeth” series, but prequel for this doesn’t feel complete somehow.

This book is about a young girl Tabitha and her struggle to get through the forest in search of other villages. As her village is surrounded by forest full of zombies, kept away by a fence she is not allowed to go anywhere out. When she sneaks out, past the gates and down the path into the Forest of Hands and Teeth she finds a village gate and a boy who taught her love. But love doesn’t exist in world like that where everything is surrounded by death. Tabitha as a sister of cathedral slowly realizes that what she has to sacrifice to live among the unconsecrated.

My rating: 2 out of 5. Everything is written in rushed manner and the feelings are incomplete. People who know Tabitha from the book ”Forest of Hands and Teeth” can try to know more about her by reading this book.

Dead tossed waves Forest of Hands and teeth is the first book in this series, different story line with zombies in it and protagonist female character made this book worth reading. Even though Dead Tossed waves is a good read, it is not as good as the first book. Here the main character of this story is lacking in the kick ass crazy department where in first book Mary gave justice to her character I didn’t find Graby ( the main character of 2nd book) doing the same thing. I found her as dependent cry baby who felt betrayed by everyone.

Graby lives a simple and safe life surrounded by ocean and forest. It is not that easy as it seems becuase this ocean and forest full of zombies always want to eat some flesh out of living things. But security and predicted life style makes it better place to live. But her friends are not like her, they always seek for adventure and fun. One day as a result of this fun and adventure her first crush is bitten by a zombie and half of her group is zombie and are dead. But that’s not all, she comes to know about lot of things like a secret her mom was keeping from her about her birth and forest,  a cult of religious zealots who worship the zombies. Graby can’t hide in her shell of protection forever, this secrets will drag her to forest to save her loved ones.

‘m torn with the rating I gave this book. It deserves more then three stars but I wouldn’t say I ‘really liked it’. I gave 4 starts to the fist book but this book as it was missing a lot of things i can’t say I really liked it. It was just a ”OK” sequel to keep you going with the series. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

This is  not a test ”This is Not a Test”  is not really a zombie book. Although it has zombies in it, they are just the constant threat in the book. They are there outside eating every living thing they can find. But This is story of 6 students who are trying to survive. I loved the way zombies are there in this book but still not a big part of it.

Sloane, protagonist  character of this novel has no desire to live. She feels betrayed by her sister who left her.Sloane ran away from abusive father in the beginning of zombie attacks. But she somehow got along with 5 other students and made it to high school. It is secure in high school with water, food and shelter but Sloane never wanted to survive. As the days passes her desire to die and end it at once increases. But she is forced to survive with 5 people who want to live at any cost. Their fate is decided by what is happening out side as they hear about the surviving camp nearby its their decision to go there or be inside the high school. Desperate romances to get momentarily escape from presence, death bids and revenge makes the story interesting. Will Sloane ever see her sister and father back? What is there to hold on when everything is gone? The ending is very skeptical, it  left me hanging there and made me think what is the end?

My rating: 3 out of 5. It is good YA read if you are interested in Zombie apocalypse.