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Zom-B City Zom-B City is 3rd installment in Zom-B series. In this book you can see things finally coming together, although not really. You will get the picture of B Smith’s hometown, London after the apocalypse. As she suspected, things have gone to hell there and the city is full of walking dead zombies. But again this book lacks actions, there is no one to challenge B Smith as zombies are no longer threat to her. Its like a story of lonely depressed girl in the city of undead.

B Smith after the escape from the Underground is back in London city. She needs to follow few rules to stay alive, when she reaches her house she gets radio access and finds out about the rescue team coming to save the survives in the city. Finally she decides to go to them and explain what she is and wait for them to accept her. But she is hell wrong!  Who can accept a walking dead conscious zombie to live with them. But there is someone who is more dangerous and her nightmare who wants her to join him.

My rating- 3 out of 5. Good enough to read the next books in the series. I  highly recommend this series to zombie fiction fans.