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Uptown GirlThis is my second book of Olivia Goldsmith. I bought this book in a second hand book sale, where I got it for 5 AED. Hard to resist such an attractive price.I really enjoyed reading this book, it has a freshness into it even though it was published in 2004.

28-year-old Kate Jameson worked hard to getaway from small town to  Manhattan. She struggled to maintain her social life by keeping sophisticated new friends away from her old neighborhood of Brooklyn. But at one point they all meet up and Kate’s life is upside down. She is happy with her job and boy friend but with the  engagement of her best friend Bina, it seems that Kate will be the only single girl left in the “posse.” But Bina’s engagement never happens as her boyfriend wants to explore the life. Now Manhattan friends and old posse combines and they all find a solution for Bina’s problem. Their solution is Billy nick named as dumping Billy, a handsome and breath taking man who dates and dumps girls but every single one of them gets married to the next guy she dates. In this Mumbo jumbo Kate is single once again. But in this circus of getting Billy to date and dump Bina, Kate falls for Billy. Now that Kate is single and she is dating dumping Billy will she  get her old boy friend back?

A funny and interesting read, I recommend this if you are a chick – women lit fan. My rating: 3 out of 5. I felt it was little slow moving as you wait for exciting tings to happen right away and it never happens. Author could have focused more on Billy’s part of story as well.