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Wolves-Boys-Other-Things-That-Might-Kill-MeWerewolves came to my mind when I picked this book for reading! May be I should stop reading paranormal novels for a while. But for my surprise this book is all about human. It is a slow going story about a teenage girl but this is not exactly a young adult book, it  is suitable for all.

KJ lives in a small town just outside Yellowstone National Park where her father owns a successful outdoors-store and hunting/fishing guide business. She is a kind of loner with out a real friend but she meets this guy called Virgil who is new to the town and studies in her class. Then for the school newspaper, she is asked to write a series of articles about the controversial wolves that have been reintroduced into Yellowstone. But when the first article is published, and when she becomes involved with Virgil for visiting the wolves park , the town turns out to be anything but balanced. Violence erupts, and KJ’s world turns inside out. Now KJ is fighting to keep the peace but will she succeed in this task? What will happen to her love life when everything else is  ruined?

I liked KJ’s character here as a protagonist and the secondary characters were interesting as well, Virgil and her father especially. You can put this novel into suspense category. Its a good read and worth reading once. It will give a lot to think about!