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Will Work for Prom DressLately I am reading a lot of YA fiction. It feels really good to read and review some quick and light read sometimes. I have read two tough to review books recently, ”The Diary of a Young Girl” and ”The Forty Rules of Love”.

”Will Work for Prom Dress” is quick an funny read. Quigley and Ann are in their last year of high school and on a mission to improve themselves just in time for prom. They have a Betterment Plan, that includes eating right, exercise and plenty of off the wall jobs to pay for the perfect dress. Girls find themselves in  frozen pizza factory making artistic creations with sauce and pepperoni, but soon they are fired from there. But they are saved when  Ann’s world famous designer mom, Victoria Parisi, offers them a gig as models for her fashion design class at the local college. Hesitant at first they both agree to do this for the sake of Prom Dress. But there is no YA novel with out love story in it. A simple but romantic story  is waiting for her there. Will that guy be her hero for real?

It is a witty and interesting read. I am sure YA fans will love this book. My rating: 3 out of 5.