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Zom-B Gladiator by Darren Shan Zom-B Gladiator is the 6th book in Darren Shan’s Zom-B series. Before I start about this book I would like to thank the author for writing this amazing series. Dam I have to wait until I get my hands on the next book! This book is my favorite one  in this series so far. Zom-B and gladiator is a nice combination, as the title suggests it is very interesting read.

B is training and into rescue missions with her teammates, she is one of Dr. Oystein’s angels now. But one day she is kidnapped by few people whom she crossed paths with earlier and gets into a place where some sick individuals are killing zombies for fun. Like a gladiator game between walking dead and helpless people. What will B do when she is stuck with this twisted people? Who will rescue her? Will she be able to get away from that hell?

My rating: 4 out of 5. I am eager to read the next books in the series as soon as possible. B is really cool and composed in all situations, she is a true kick ass heroine.

Zom-B Baby Creepiest cover ever! This covers gives me chills. There is one thing about Darren Shan’s books, you think you have an idea what the book is about and all of a sudden you realize that you know nothing about it. Zom-B Baby is the 5th installment of Zom-B series and in this book B must decide whether or not to join the Angels in battling freaky and dangerous clown Mr.Dowling and the mutants.

B is not sure what to believe and what not. She has been training and living with angels for past few months but still she is not able to believe in their motto. She has to think about it so she runs away from there searching for an answer. But soon she has to go through the same streets of London she passed few months ago, filled with walking dead people. But instead of answers to her questions she finds something horrible and more dangerous thing ever.

I don’t want to add any spoilers in my review. When you read it you will come to know what is this horrible thing she found. My rating: 3.5 out of 5. It was really a good read, I finished reading in one sitting. This series is getting more and more creepy. I am now ready to read the next book in the series- Zom-B Gladiator.

Zom-B AngelsZom-B Angels is the 4th installment in Darren Shan’s ”Zom-B” series. This book was a lot less action packed than the first 3. But it did answer some of the questions that I had been asking during the other books. Here a few more characters are introduced and the story gets a new twist.

After spending few months out side in London with walking dead people B has forgotten about normal life. But soon she finds strange signs all over the city-a “Z” plus red arrows. By Following them, B finds The Angels- a group gathered in the hopes of combating the evil dead and the forces that introduced them. It seems that they are also aware of this hideous and dangerous  joker looking zombie master. Whom are they fighting against? Will B find a reason to join them in this strange battle they all are training for?

My rating: 3 out of 5. I have been giving constant 3 stars to this series from the book 1. This is another interesting book in Zom-B series I enjoyed reading.

Dark hollow places ”Dark and Hollow Places” is the 3rd installment in Forest f Hands and Teeth series. The first book in the series was such a great story, then came the second book ”The Dead Tossed Waves” with completely different set of characters which failed to answer the questions from the first book. And then came this 3rd book, even though most of the characters are familiar, the story looses the track. I started skimming through the mid book because things were repeated over and over.  What a lousy sequel for a great story.

This story is about Annah, sister of Gabry from the second book. Elias went in search of Gabry leaving Annah behind, where she faces the loneliness and learns to live with it in the memory of her lover and long lost sister. But one day she meets her sister and come to know that her lover is no longer hers, now he is her sisters love,her own twin sister who just looks like her but more beautiful and scare less. She learns to live with it and she finds her love in Catcher who was heartbroken by her sister and who is immune to this walking dead infection. There are some people who wants to use his immunity to survive the horror.

My rating: 2 out of 5. It was very slow and repetitive. I had high hopes for this series but only first book in the series was good.

Warm Bodies Can you fall in love with a zombie? Yes I guess, becuase after reading this book and watching the movie based on it I am totally in love with Mr. Rrrr! Every single zombie novels only explained about how zombie eat humans and how they don’t feel any emotions and blah blah blah. But this is the first novel where zombie is the narrator, lovely! ( Extra point! )

It starts with our hero Zombie Mr. Rrrr, how he feels what he sees around in his home, which is abandoned airport, full of zombies. He doesn’t remember anything his name, what he was before or why he is a zombie. There are news papers he can’t read and name tags on some zombies who used to work before in airport which can not be read. He has a friend his name is ”M” may be that is the first letter of his name before he turned into a zombie even he can’t remember. Zombies can’t speak a complete sentence but they can speak in words. For example Rrrr says ”Hungry’‘  M replies ”City”.  There are other kind of zombies too who are rotten and they are skeletons now everyone calls them ”Bonies”. Not sure why Rrrr and some of his friend are different may be becuase they are not that old. This little world of zombies changes when Rrrr meets this teenagers during hunting and eats a brain. Zombies have this advantage of feeling alive again. When they eat parts from brain they can see that person’s memory like dream flowing through them as if that is their own memory. Rrrr eats a person’s brain and falls in love with his girl friend Julie. Whom then he rescues and gets back to airport to keep safe.

Is a human being safe with a zombie? Can zombie really fall in love with a girl? What are the consequences of keeping a human with zombies? Will her people keep quite? These are the questions you need to find answers for, after reading this book.I really don’t want to comment on zombie and human romance. It is disgusting I know, if there was a single horror character left without falling in love then that was zombie. But now even zombie is fallen in love, but who cares when vampires, were wolves and witches are busy in romance what poor zombies can do? Even they get tempted 🙂

My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a good read if you are looking for something different to read. Movie was as good as the book. But I recommend you to read the book first before you watch the movie. Not to forget, Mr. Rrrr is as hot as Edward from Twilight. ( Then again I am not a fan of Edward, I am Jacob lover )

Feed by Mira GrantKellis-Amberlee is a fact of existence. You live, you die, and then you come back to life, get up, and shamble around trying to eat your former friends and loved ones. That’s the way it is for everyone.

We all know zombies, we like to watch them in movies and read about them. No idea who created such a terrific walking dead characters. ”Feed” is all about a world full of zombies. They die and come alive start killing more. This entire story starts in 2014 when the first time Kellis- Amberlee virus is discharged by mistake. People have no worries, they  have cured common cold, they have cure for cancer but no one actually dies too.

Now, twenty years after the Rising, bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason are on the trail of the biggest story of their lives  they have been selected to follow a political rally with future president. They are Bloggers, they live to create sensation among people. But soon they will see dark truth hidden behind the world. There is someone who wants them to leave. But Georgia is one brave newsie who breathes news and lives for that.  Will they ever come to know what is cuasing deaths of innocent people?  Even after getting control over the dead after so many years. Is American politics is affected by zombies or people inside it?

There are lot of interesting facts about zombies in this book. Like: its caused by virus and it can not effect small animals like cats, every time some one goes out to field and comes he has to go through blood testing, this virus can also cause some peculiar eye damage which most of the women will get. This book is all about blogging. Blogger with top rating is a celebrity there.  Georgia and Shaun Mason are top bloggers who broadcasts everything about the political rally to get their ratings.  My rating is : 3 out of 5. Its  a good book but in some places it is slow going. If you are expecting a lot of zombie action then it is not a good choice. This book is mixture of politics, blogging, and zombies.

the forest of hands and teethVery dark, chilling tale of those who can walk even after death, Zombies- who never stops. I really like reading about zombies after reading Walking Dead Comics and watching the series on TV. ”The Forest of Hands and Teeth” is a heart breaking and horrifying tale.

Mary, the main character, lives in a village there civilization has been set back by hundreds of years, because of   “The Return.” The village is surrounded by a fence which holds back the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Within the forest are Unconsecrated or simply you cal them zombies. Villagers live their life as zombies moan and push the fence everyday. But Mary has dreams of ocean from the day she saw a old photograph as a child. But no one believes in such thing anymore because no one knows what is there behind the forest of zombies. In between this she falls in love with a man whom she can’t have according to sisterhood. Sisterhood rules over the village as they help people to survive from zombies. But Mary finds out that there is some dark secret sisterhood is keeping from villagers. Before she could do anything about it the village is under attack from zombies. Mary and her friends run away through forest when everyone turns into zombies. Now Mary  has got her chance to explore what lies behind the forest and find a way to ocean.

I loved this book ♥ I am definitely going to read the remaining books in ”The Forest of Hands and Teeth” series. Highly recommended for people who loves to sink their teeth in zombie novels 🙂

World War z This is a major war against enemies, who don’t rest till the end.They don’t need water to drink or air to breath. They don’t rest because their motive is to eat as many people as possible. Yes, here enemies are walking dead zombies! This is the first zombie novel I have read, I liked  reading ”The walking dead” comic series but never read a novel before. Vampires and werewolves are my favorite supernatural characters, but I don’t know where this zombies fit in? there is nothing properly mentioned in this book about their origin. I guess it started after the world war because many of  the diseases started after that. I don’t know if I have to call it a disease or supernatural thing.

World War Z is a oral history about the zombie war. It is written in the form of interviews, where survivors reveal and share their horrible experiences from all over the world.  The book begins with how first few cases of this zombie madness found.  Later it explains how it started infecting in worldwide when  infected refugees started travelling, what did the government do to prevent this,how people suffered by loosing their loved once and living in terrible fear for years, fighting dead things. Every war have to see the end so that’s what happens here too. World war Z ends after many years but leaves damages on human mind and body forever.

I felt this book was very slow going and I didn’t feel that excited while reading. May be oral history is not my type. Reasons for finding this book less exciting:  I felt that  all   characters had similar voices. Subject was little dry for the zombie concept, because when you say zombie that word gives you lot of ideas. So I personally feel that it is boring, I want to read about people in real time, like struggling to survive, not being told how people surivived after it was over.