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dark lover This is another vampire fiction I recently picked up for reading, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the story line. It is first book in Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Its not a unpredictable and interesting plot but there is something attractive in the story.

There is a vampire brotherhood protecting all vampires from hunters known as slayers. Brotherhood is made up of six vampire warriors and Wrath is the leader of this group, the only purebred vampire left on earth waiting to take revenge on slayers for killing his parents. But his revenge has to wait as one of his brothers from brotherhood is leaving his half-breed daughter who is unaware of this vampire world under Wrath’s responsibility. He should guide her to the undead world if she survives the changing.

There is lot of romance and love in this book, and also some action at the end. It is a good time pass read, worth giving a chance if you are a vampire fiction fan. My rating 3 out of 5.

Pretty when she diesThis is what I wanted to read in vampire novel, I don’t even know what I liked in this story, the strong female main character, lot of horror factors and vampire myths and more than anything interesting and unpredictable story line. I wonder why this book is not yet adapted to movie. I am sure this will be a huge hit among vampire fans.

Pretty When She Dies is the first book in a Trilogy and as first books go this was pretty good. Amaliya wakes up from her grave not knowing where she is and what she is. She struggles and gets back to familiar place her own room. But something in her is calling her somewhere else, she ends up killing 13 people and also finds out who is the ancient vampire who made her. But he leaves her on her own and tests her without giving any help but she finds another vampire who is engaged to a human and both gets attracted to each other. Now that her creator is watching her, she has to be careful because he is very good at plying games. Amaliya’s struggles to control blood lust, and lust over another vampire who helped her is never ending. But she soon realizes that she has some powers which was accidentally got transferred to her. Will she be able to fight her powerful creator?

My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this book to all vampire fiction fans out there. I am sure you will enjoy it if you like paranormal Y A novel.