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Blood Feud ”Blood Feud” is the second book in ”Drake Chronicles series”. This is little boring compared to the first book ”My love is bleeding”. I liked almost all characters in the second book but the book was quite disappointing for me. It is about Drake prince, one of drake brothers, Logan and his girl friend Hound Princess  Isabeau. I was expecting lot of falling love and adventures but this book failed to deliver it. As I was also expecting Nicholas and Lucy to be a big part of this book but they were limited to few sentences.

Now that Helena is next vampire queen after defeating Lady Natasha in the last book, royal coronation is about to happen and every one is thinking about peace agreement among different vampire clans. But Leander Montmarte is still trying to get his hands on Solange to marry and get the power of the throne for himself. But his estimated plan is disturbed when Hound princess  Isabeau enters the scene of coronation. Logan falls in love with her, but she is not that easy to give in becuase she has a revenge to be full filled. As she is very near to get back on the vampire who created and left her to rot in coffin for more than 200 years before she got  rescued by hounds. Will she be able to full fill her revenge or will she forget revenge and fall in love with Logan? What will happen to Solange as this time Montmarte is not going back with out marrying her?

It is good read if you are a die hard vampire fan and ready to read a book just by seeing ”vampire” word in it! But believe me if you didn’t read the first book yet, please read it before you go for second becuase there is no use reading the second one with out reading the first one as there is lot of connection between two. This book is boring but not to forget this author’s humor is really good. My rating: 2 out of 5.