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Last Sacrifice”Last Sacrifice” is the final installment in Vampire Academy series. Rose is the number one reason that this series has lost its appeal to me. I liked the first few books in the series, but then Rose changed completely and I couldn’t bring myself to like this book. I found her to be egotistical, selfish,  impulsive and insensitive. I have finally finished the series and I deserve a meddle now.

When I first started the series the unique concept of vampire politics and the the whole Strigoi – Moroi thing seemed worthwhile. But then the last two books were basically centered around Rose and her undying love for Dmitri which really annoyed me. She had Adrian who was better person than Dmitri and she still wanted to play with his feelings by hurting him and drooling all over Dmitri. I don’t understand why girls always fall for jerks in the vampire novels. Like Jacob in Twilight here Adrian was rejected. I felt sad for him and hated Rose for using him.

Rose is a victim of foul play, she is getting punished for the crime she never committed. She has to find the another surviving Dragomir, Lisa’s half sister so that Lisa can get voting rights and Rose can free herself from the crime she never committed. But for that she has to run away from the prison. Will she succeed in this adventure of finding another Dragomir? Will she be able to prove her innocence in the murder of vampire queen? Who is playing these games and what do they want?

I am not happy with how the story ended. I liked Lisa a lot better than Rose and at the end both proved to be selfish. My rating: 2 out of 5. I read this just becuase I wanted to complete and get a closure to this series.

Spirit Bound ”Spirit Bound” is the 5th installment of ‘Vampire Academy’ series. I can now say with certainty that Vampire Academy has just become the classic example of why great books should not be allowed to become series. The only good news about this book is, Spirit Bound is better than Blood Promises. 

Rose Hathaway is back in St. Vladimir’s after long and heart breaking journey to find Dimitri and worthless attempt to kill him and miss him. She failed to kill him when she had a chance now he wants to kill her, as she can’t join him and become monster. As she graduates and leaves the campus she has to face the real world where Dimitri is waiting to kill her. But Rose has still hopes for getting him back, she is in search of a cure which can bring him to normal. Who will succeed first? Dimitri in killing her or she finding a way to restore his humanity.

The book was written flawlessly, but at the same time the characters failed to express their feelings.I am burning down the team Dimitri flag and wearing Team Adrin Shirt on. Adrin was loving and understanding, even though Rose was being a bitch and  was still into Dimitri he was okay with that. Deep down I felt that he was really into Rose, even after knowing she was kind of using him. My rating: 3 out of 5. One more book to go to finish the series.

Blood PromiseI enjoyed VA series so far but this book was real disappointment. I felt there was far too much recap of the previous 3 books. Just like ”House of Night” series by P. C Cast I can see Mead repeating the story from previous books. Rose was very strong character from the beginning but in this book author made her weak and helpless.

Shadow Kiss” left us with Rose on the way to find and kill her beloved Dimitri who had fallen during a fight with Strigoi. “Blood Promise” picks up where Rose is looking for traces of Dimitri. In search of Dimitri she reaches his home and brakes the sad news to his family. I don’t want to go any deeper and spoil the story for those who didn’t read it yet.

I didn’t like this book for few reasons. (*Spoiler alert*)

  1. Rose is no longer a terrible character. She is a love sick weak woman who lost her warrior side and lost her goal when she saw Dimitri and became his blood whore.
  2. Lisa’s character was  silly sometimes.
  3. Story goes around and around with out coming to the real point

My rating: 2 out of 5. I didn’t like author turning Lisa in to a bitch and Rose into a blood whore. I enjoy reading about their friendship and like them for what they are. Hopefully the 5th book is good to read.


Shadow Kiss”Shadow Kiss” is the 3rd book in the Vampire Academy Series and its strongest book so far. It has a strong grip on story. While other two were just character building books, this one actually has something in it.

 Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation, just one assignment away. The assignment is a practical test where guardians are assigned to protect a moroi student  and their skills are tested by creating fake attacks. Rose hasn’t been feeling right lately, she is into emotional outbursts like anger and she can see ghosts. Now she has doubts about her sanity, but there are reasons for things to occur. Things always change, now Lisa is practicing her magic again, Victor  Dashkov  might be set free from prison, and more than anything Rose’s romance with Dimitri is heating up. But when there is an attack from Sterogi on the campus everything is at stakes. She has to choose between Lisa or Dimitri.

Its a good story, as usual ends while you least expect it to. My rating: 3 out of 5.

imagesI liked the first book in Vampire Academy Series, my rating was 4 out of 5. So thought of reading the second book in the series: Frostbite. Comparably second book was bit boring and not that exciting.

Bad ass Rose Hathaway is back with more action. As we know that she has hots for  Dimitri and he too has same feelings for her, in previous book they decided to stay away. Because  Dimitri didn’t want their affair to be a problem while himself and Rose were guarding Lisa. In this book you can see how Rose and  Dimitri are struggling to stay in control.  Rose is into lot of boy troubles as usual.  Dimitri is planing to start a family with someone and Mason is completely in love with her and there is a new guy trying to hang around with her. Up of all these her mother, whom she hates the most is in Academy. But this problems are nothing becuase Strigoi are closing in and they have already killed many Royals. Its time to teach them some lesson. But when her 3 friends run away on their own to take the matters in hand Rose has to go to extremes to save them.

It is a good time pass read, not as good as the first one. But still I have hopes of reading the third book in the series. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

Vampire Academy Oohoo.. finally read this book! wanted to read from a long time. I have read many vampire novels about their school and education and other stuff. But this one stands apart.

 Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. Dhampir are meant for protecting the Moroi vampires. They are strong and faithful  Lissa and Rose escaped from the St. Vladimir’s Academy which is boarding school for vampires and half blooded who protect them. But they were found and brought back to school again. Rose is ready to risk her life for Lissa, with whom she has developed a bond which is very rare. There is someone who is monitoring everything and everyone especially Lissa. But there is something happening to Lissa too, something magical beyond the control. And there is  deathly fear of the Striogoi: vampires who have become immortal and seek to destroy all of the royal families by drinking the blood of Morois.

Vampire Academy is a vampire thriller novel with lot of suspense and twists. As the story goes on it is difficult to put down the book. My rating: 4 out of 5. I recommend this book to young adults and vampire fiction lovers.