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New moonI thought of exploring little more from ”Twilight” series and see what is there in second book(I don’t remember much from movie). It was little dull compared to the first one. But I don’t want to assume anything now because I have decided to read the complete series soon.

After what happened in the first book, Edward don’t want Bella to be in danger again so he leaves the city with  his family leaving her behind saying ”you are no good for me”. Shattered and heart broken Bella tries to find relief in the company of Jacob who turns out as a very big enemy of Vampires later. But then Jacob started falling HARD for Bella, and she was slowly falling for him. All the time Bella tries to fall in danger just to see if Edward shows up. But instead she falling in danger he is in danger and she has to save him now! You have to read the book to know more details about what happens.

Anyone who found the phrasing repetitive and the character of Bella to be mildly annoying, and boring be warned. Its very slow going and Bella is boring than before. But still I want to read the 3rd book because Jacob is interesting 🙂