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The InitiationThe Initiation by L.J. Smith is the first book in The Secret Circle series. I read it recently after watching the TV series ”The Secret Circle”. I really liked the series and wanted to read the book. The book is so much different than the TV show  but not different in a good way. The reason Cassie going to New Salem  wasn’t the same, and most people know there are witches in New Salem according to book which doesn’t make the circle, secret circle. Characters in the TV series are much more likable.

Cassie Blake and her mother have moved to New Salem to live with Grandma Howard. She’s not too excited about leaving her friends and California behind. On her first day at school she meets Faye Chamberlain, one person that you don’t want to meet. But Diana Downey comes to her rescue, things could have been fine if she wasn’t in love with Downey’s boyfriend.  Everyone seems to keep a distance from these people who live in her side of town. Soon she comes to know why, when she is told about secret circle.

My rating: 2 out of 5. May be I kept comparing the TV series with the book and couldn’t like the characters from the book.

The Awakening From a long time I wanted to read this series. Whenever I wanted to watch the TV series I kept saying let me finish the book first. Now that I have read the first book may be I can start watching the series.

Elena, the queen bee of her high school, is confused when the new boy, Stefan shows no interest in her. He is so secretive about his past and he keeps to himself. Elena takes him as challenge and tries to do all possible tricks to win his attention. But there is someone watching her always, and there is attacker who killed a old man and attacked her classmate near the cemetery. Stefan can’t belong anywhere because he is not human, he thinks he is behind these attacks but he can’t remember anything. But Stefan can’t avoid Elena just because she brings back the memories of Kathrine whom he loved in past. He can’t avoid loving her and the feeling is mutual. Now that they both know that Elena wants to know his dark secrets. There is someone who can  manipulate everything and every mind around just to take revenge on Stefan. Who is that? What Elena will do if she comes to know that Stefan is a vampire?

It is a young adult vampire novel. Fantasies are only suitable for teens. I recommend this to people who are interested in vampire romance but not to those who want to read some serious vampire action. My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a good time pass read.