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Another novel by Nicholas Sparks. There is again charm of romance in this novel, just like “The Notebook” and “A walk to remember”. It is a story about two youngsters who fall in love on summer. John loves Savannah but every stories don’t have  happy endings. Even true love can change when there is distance. John went  away and  joined  army. But she wanted him to come home. They keep writing letters but eventually  Savannah’s letters come less and less  and finally one day he receives a letter stating Dear John, that breaks his heart.

Its a quick read which will capture your heart. This is not only their story. Its story of many people who suffered separation and distance. A simple and straight forward story. When I read the title dear John I was little hesitated to buy. If you have read Nicholas Sparks book you will know the reason why. Because its sure that at the end of the story you will  be crying! I read the description and finally thought of buying it. On July this year on one fine rainy day I started reading for my surprise I couldn’t stop reading. Once I was finished of course you can imagine the end result. Yes I was in tears 🙂

This book has romance, love, and serious subject like war and army, people  risking their lives behind the enemy lines and the price they have to pay for choosing to fight for nation. A must read book, will not disappoint  you.