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i'm not twenty four... - sachin garg”Ooho.. I want those shoes” was what I had in my mind looking at the cover, lovely read shoes!  I am done with reading IIT-ians same old love stories. After Chetan Bhagat’s Two States hit the bestseller level, every student started writing about his own love story and publishing. I wanted something good in Indian fiction to remember the good old days where I had enjoyed reading books from Indian authors. This book was totally refreshing!

India is a small country but every state has it’s own tradition, so normally people from one state will have problem adjusting in another state. Language, food, life style is totally different all over. Now about the book, Saumya a north Indian (Delhi) girl gets a job in South India ( Karnataka). Very rural place in Karnataka indeed, where she meets Malappa and Shubhro. Shubhro is a Indian hippie kind of person always smoking pots and roaming in Old temples of Hampi. It was supposed to be a love traigle but it’s not! There is no space for love when you are surrounded by dying people, Saumya was welcomed by blood, riots, violent bosses and cut limbs of labors. Which girl will like to stay there? But Saumya did! Will soumya survive there? What about Malappa? Will Shubhro can show who is he when he is surrounded by smoke and drinks?

I just loved this book, amazingly story sets through the end by leaving a strong feeling. I will recommend this book to people who want to read some good Indian fiction. My ratings are 4 out of 5.

Vacation time….

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Random
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vacation Vacation time.. OOOOOOhhhhh Hooooo….. After an year now going on a vacation. I can  imagine the smell of salty air and cool breeze  on my face 🙂 Looking forward to spend some good time with family and friends. I don’t think I can read any book when I am there but I am planning to buy lot of books!

Vacation For a month I am taking a break from blogging, will be back soon.. Untill then take care and Happy reading 🙂

Girl at Sea”Two things you should think about: one, things aren’t always as they seem. Two, never piss off a girl with a very big knife.”

-Clio (Girl at Sea by Johnson Maureen)

Here is a great summer read, ”Girl at Sea”. Who don’t want to experience a nice yacht ride for a week in beautiful Mediterranean, clear summer sky, crystal clear water wherever you see. For most of us its a dream come true! But not to Clio. Who has to take this so called dream journey stuck with ever energetic, crazy, happy dad and his archaeologist girl friend and her blond,  kind, over friendly,goddess like daughter  and a archaeologist and engineer assistant. Wow ho! Its a lot to take at once. Clio is forced to go along with her dad leaving her dream boy alone in her home town.  Here only thing she has to do is cook for people in the yacht. Is it possible to kiss that assistant guy when her dad is around her and her new friend is dating him? They are headed to Italy but why everyone is hiding a secret from her? What are they really looking for? When she finds her answers to these questions she will be shocked.

It is a well written novel with lot of suspense and unexpected twist. Its not that great but I should say there is something in this book which will make you read it once you start reading this. It is a good young adult novel with lots of humor.

Amy and Roger's Epic DetourI don’t know why but I always find debut novels interesting, may be because I don’t know what to expect if I am reading a debut novel. If I am selecting some book form  one of my  favorite authors then I am definitely expecting something, if its totally new author then there is no such expectations. I was attracted by the book cover and the title.

This book was funny, sweet, sentimental and very touching. When I started reading it I never thought I would like it this much! A book about a road trip, think about it, how exiting! I always wanted to take road trips but some how I could’t 😦 This book is exactly what you expect from a long unplanned road trip.

Its about Amy, living in a house alone in California. Her mother has already moved to Connecticut, her twin brother is in rehab and her father recently died in a car crash. Her mother decides to shift completely by selling their house. After Amy’s exams when she wants to shift to Connecticut  that’s when Roger enters the scene. Amy doesn’t want to drive across America or anywhere else and Roger, a family friend’s son who has to go visit his father in Philadelphia, has been designated to drive for the trip. The route is set, Amy’s mom has planned it and booked the hotels.  Amy doesn’t like to go with a stranger in a car that too on four days trip. But after seeing him she realizes that how cute and attractive he is.They  both plan to take a detour for different reasons. They never check in in any hotels or go through already planned places. They set out completely for a detour. What happens then is extremely unexpected, twisting road trip.

An extremely interesting road trip story. I liked almost every characters in this book, especially Amy and Roger.  I wish I could take such adventurous road trips. I would give this book all 4 and 1/2 stars 🙂  A fast moving, young adult story I think if you like road trips then you should try reading this book.I would definitely  want to go to some road trip  sometime.

This is the funniest well written book I have read in years, just love it ❤  I liked every character in this book. No word to explain, it’s so hilarious and lively type of writing. It had everything in it, romance, emotions, comedy and more than anything lots of laugh!

It’s about a young girl, Evie Dexter who takes up a job of tour guide ( by telling lies in the interview about prior experience 🙂 ) From the very beginning she falls into troubles and manages somehow, but it would have been easy if she didn’t fall for sexy, handsome coach driver Rob. Her life is so busy with her new job, sexy boyfriend, ultimate drama with her family. How she manages this new job? What happens to her love life? What exactly happens in Paris? For answers you will have to read the book.

I should say that this novel is full of drama and comedy. At some point I stopped reading and laughed aloud. I will recommend this book to people who are looking for some exiting, funny read. It’s Molly Hopkins’s debut novel. There is a sequel releasing this year- It happened in Venice. Hope that will be as good as this book.