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RecklessRemember the Star Cross lovers from Thoughtless series? Kiera and Kellan, they have gone through a lot of suffering to take their relation to another level. Kiera cheated on Deny and started the relationship with Kellan, even though it was an attraction in the beginning it turned out to be real love.

3rd book starts with Kellan and Kiera secretly exchanging the ring and considering it as marriage. Now that Kiera is graduated and wants to write a book she accompanies Kellan in his tours. But Kellan is girl repellent, with his body and face everywhere girls are attracted to him. Even super celebrity wants to record a song with him, as this popular female celebrity gets near to him she tries to throw Kiera out of Kellen’s ┬áreach. Now Kellan is Celebrity too, with lots of money and fame. Will their love survive in this battle of fame?

It’s an interesting read. I liked this Thoughtless series from the beginning. It has a dreamy feel to it with author’s addictive writing style. I liked all the characters in this book. My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this series to ”Romance” lovers.