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This is  not a test ”This is Not a Test”  is not really a zombie book. Although it has zombies in it, they are just the constant threat in the book. They are there outside eating every living thing they can find. But This is story of 6 students who are trying to survive. I loved the way zombies are there in this book but still not a big part of it.

Sloane, protagonist  character of this novel has no desire to live. She feels betrayed by her sister who left her.Sloane ran away from abusive father in the beginning of zombie attacks. But she somehow got along with 5 other students and made it to high school. It is secure in high school with water, food and shelter but Sloane never wanted to survive. As the days passes her desire to die and end it at once increases. But she is forced to survive with 5 people who want to live at any cost. Their fate is decided by what is happening out side as they hear about the surviving camp nearby its their decision to go there or be inside the high school. Desperate romances to get momentarily escape from presence, death bids and revenge makes the story interesting. Will Sloane ever see her sister and father back? What is there to hold on when everything is gone? The ending is very skeptical, it  left me hanging there and made me think what is the end?

My rating: 3 out of 5. It is good YA read if you are interested in Zombie apocalypse.