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Dark Reunion Dark Reunion is the final book in ”The Vampire Diaries” and I can’t believe the series ended so soon. But I am glad that it has many more series like Return and hunter. 3rd book ended with sad note and I was little disappointed about it. But 4th book started a with bang and ended as I expected.

Elena is dead, Stephen and Damon are gone from the town. But still there is something lurking in the dark, freaking people. When everyone though that evil was gone for good something new has entered the town. Stephen and Damon are  summoned to help Elena’s friends. Will they succeed in defeating the evil? Where is Elena, is she really dead or stuck somewhere?

It is a good quick read,  my rating is 3 out of 5 for this book.

The Fury ”The Fury” is the 3rd book from The Vampire Diaries. These books are real quick read, I took hardly 4 hours to read this book. This book starts off exactly from where the second book stopped. No one has big role in this book, everyone is involved unlike 1st and 2nd book. The ultimate secret is revealed in this book.

Damon and Stefen are fighting, which draws Elena but instead of fighting Damon and helping Stefen she does the exact opposite. Elena is not human anymore and she doesn’t remember anything, now she is attracted to Damon. But neither Damon nor Stefen knows what’s wrong with her. But there is something that they doesn’t know! There is another strong power in town which is driving all sort of animals crazy. Animals are attacking people and something is about to come out from hiding. What happened to Elena? Will she remember about her love to Stefen and go back? Is Damon is the one who is playing around or really there is something strong lurking around in darkness?

This book ends in a happy but sad ending. It was exact ending what I was expecting, but then there are more books in this series, so the story goes on 🙂 I have watched only few episodes of Vampire Diaries season 1, have to start watching it again. As I am done watching Walking Dead season 1,2 and 3 (waiting for season 4 , which comes in October) , Teen Wolf Season 1( giving it a break before starting with 2nd season). Some episodes from Pretty little lairs season 1 and Glee season 1 ( God! so much to watch)

My rating for this book is 3 out of 5. Time pass and interesting read, recommended for YA paranormal fans.

The  StruggleThis second book in ”Vampire Diaries” picks up exactly form where the first book ended. Stephen is missing, Elena is in search of him. Elena confronts Damon by her choosing. Damon is everywhere in this book, he is with her classmates, friends, and even with her family members in her house. This book is more focused on Elena’s missing dairy because entire story is revolving around that. This book is really a fast read, because  there is nothing to drag about. It is simple and direct.

Elena is lot more stronger here and her character is better than the first book. But I wonder why she is confused so much even though she likes Stephen, there is something in her which is attracted to Damon. ( I personally agree that in TV series Damon is hotter than Stephen 😉 ) Whatever, it is  an interesting read. My rating: 3 out of 5.

The Awakening From a long time I wanted to read this series. Whenever I wanted to watch the TV series I kept saying let me finish the book first. Now that I have read the first book may be I can start watching the series.

Elena, the queen bee of her high school, is confused when the new boy, Stefan shows no interest in her. He is so secretive about his past and he keeps to himself. Elena takes him as challenge and tries to do all possible tricks to win his attention. But there is someone watching her always, and there is attacker who killed a old man and attacked her classmate near the cemetery. Stefan can’t belong anywhere because he is not human, he thinks he is behind these attacks but he can’t remember anything. But Stefan can’t avoid Elena just because she brings back the memories of Kathrine whom he loved in past. He can’t avoid loving her and the feeling is mutual. Now that they both know that Elena wants to know his dark secrets. There is someone who can  manipulate everything and every mind around just to take revenge on Stefan. Who is that? What Elena will do if she comes to know that Stefan is a vampire?

It is a young adult vampire novel. Fantasies are only suitable for teens. I recommend this to people who are interested in vampire romance but not to those who want to read some serious vampire action. My rating: 3 out of 5. It is a good time pass read.