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UgliesImagine a world where where everyone is beautiful. There is no discrimination, no celebrities and everyone is equal looking. This is what happens in a town where this future story begins. Tally is from this time of future where this story takes place. For now she is ugly because she is not yet 16. Operations for uglies takes place when they are 16 and once they are pretty with every feature perfect in their body they are given a new house to stay in pretty town. Where they party and enjoy the rest of their life. This is what Tally wants to do too, because before operation you are no one here. Once you are pretty you are treated as human again. But Tally’s friend Shay, who shares Tally’s birthday is against that operation and  runs off to a secret place called Smokes where no one forces you to become pretty. Shay begs Tally to come along but Tally can’t as she wants to become pretty and spend her time with her best friend Peris who is pretty now. When the time comes for her operation she meets another cruel face of pretty town – Specials who refuses to do her pretty but comes up with a bargain. If she finds out where this place Smokes is she can get pretty. Now it is her turn to betray her friend Shay, to whom she promised to keep her secret or to be ugly forever.

What is her choice? Will she find out this place called smokes with just a piece of weird note given by Shay while leaving? Who is this David guy with whom Shay ran off to Smokes? What is the big secret about all these operations, pretties, uglies ans this place called Smokes?

Its a good young adult novel which reminded me of Hunger Games. Adventurous, different story line  which will not bore you for sure. My rating 3 out of 4. I recommend this book  to Hunger Game fans 🙂