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The naked faceThis is Sidney Sheldon’s first book,written in 1970. After “Nothing lasts forever” this is my second book of this author. Story revolves around psychiatry, the police, and the bad guys. Its well written and enjoyable.

Someone is trying to kill the main character, a psychologist, and he’s trying to figure out who the killer,before he becomes the victim. Is it one of his patients? Is it someone involved with the police? Dr Judd Stevens is confused because there is a big mystery, two people associated with him got killed and who is next? I liked the serious  crime thriller effect  and unexpected twists. More than Mater of unexpected i think he is master of “What happens next” 🙂 Because when I started reading I just wanted to finish this off and know what happens at the end.

 There is great suspense in this novel. Whoever likes some suspense and lot of twists I think its suitable book.