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I was so attracted by the title: “Prom Nights from Hell”. What does prom nights from hell mean to you? Like some sexy vampire will come and kiss you on the prom night?  Or you realize how bad your dress looks when compared to others, or somebody poured mixed fruit punch on your hair and you exactly look like a peacock? Under normal circumstances these things will surely add in the list of prom nights from hell but this book is not about normal circumstances.

The book was released 2 years ago.  It has got 5 short stories by popular authors. Supernatural stories about the prom nights.

The Exterminator’s Daughter, by Meg Cabot. For those who are want to read about vampires. Its a very simple story where Mary, whose mother was a vampire hunter wants to save her friend Lila who is under spell of Dracula’s son. With her own crossbow and a handsome guy Adam in her side will she able to kill the Dracula? What will happen to her prom night?

The Corsage by Lauren Myracle. This story is kinda creepy but good classic horror story. Its about the cursed corsage, Frankie got it from a fortune teller. Frankie wants Will to ask her out for the prom night she wishes for that holding that Corsage from there everything changes.  Will is dying to ask her for prom night I mean literally! Be careful what you wish for.

Kiss and tell by Michele Jaffe.  18 year old Mirinda has superpowers and she wants to save people with it. Sibby is 14 year old girl who cant keep her mouth shut I mean to say she likes to talk and kiss guys. Some people are threatening her life and its up to  Mirinda  to save her. This story is not about prom night but a part of it is related to it.

Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper by Kim Harrison. Its an introduction to the Madison Avery trilogy.Madison is so pissed on the prom night becuase she finds out that she was a pity date and was dumped by a nerd. To make him jealous she leaves the prom with a handsome guy who turns out to be an  evil and kills her. Now she is in between human and ghost form surviving with a stone kind of amulet that she snatched from the guy who killed her.

Hell on Earth by Stephenie Meyer. All twilight fans, here is again a wonderful story. Prom night changes into hell, full of misery night with broken ankles, jewelry, and broken romance. Its all becuase of a new girl Sheba who is 186 years old demon in disguise. Will she be able to spoil the prom night? I liked the ending a lot.

A journey towards  horror, and supernatural prom night. Its not too late to attend a horrifying prom night 🙂