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The Best Of MeAnother Nicholas Spark’s book, I always liked his novels. I believe he is a man with women’s heart!  very sentimental and soft heart indeed. I am his fan since the day I read his  ”The Last Song” , then I read many of his books like ” A walk to remember”, ”The Notebook”, ”Safe Heaven”.

”The Best Of Me” was  a little disappointing  even though I liked the story and characters, there was something missing in the book. It is story of Amanda and Dawson , in their middle age but  never moved on from their teenage love even though they think they have. After many years they are meeting unexpectedly for a funeral and everything comes back to them. Will Amanda suppress her feelings for him, because she is married and happy with her 3 kids? Will Dawson can control his affection when he is seeing his love of life? It is going to be really tough for both of them. Who will suffer when both falls in love once again?

It is usual Nicholas Spark book with little tragedy at the end! This is not spoiler, because if you are Nicholas Spark’s fan then you know what type of ending to expect! It is bitter sweet love story. But first time I gave 2 out of 5 for his book.