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Its another young adult novel I read  it online 6 months back.I was little attracted to the title, I thought its a novel about frustrations and problems of young adults. But on reading I found this book is very humorous and fun filled story of a teenage girl.

Story is about a teenager, Kate  who is always blamed and compared with her Miss PERFECT sister who is elder to her  and good at everything. Her best friend is a boy and lives next door he is so hot and popular she cant even judge  if she loves him or not but she surely knows that she hates him. Finally a day comes where she have to fit in to the drama role which her sister was doing earlier. Can Kate do this role? Will she ever judge what is she want with her next door best friend?

After all this I am sure you will be eager to read this novel to know what are those 16 reasons in Kate’s life  which she calls as reasons why her life sucks. Its a free online novel! Enjoy reading 🙂

Hope you enjoy this book.