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The darkest minds The darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken is the first book in ”The Darkest Minds” series. An absolutely spectacular dystopian novel that has the ability to captivate the reader on so many levels.

Ruby had lived 10 years of normal and safe life even though she has witnessed few of her classmate die due to mysterious disease. She never bothered about anything until she woke up on her 10th birthday and her parents reported her to police and along with a group of teenagers branded ‘dangerous’  she was sent to a  brutal government “rehabilitation camp.” These children might have survived the disease but they have emerged with something dangerous- supernatural abilities. After 6 years of torture and fearful life she escapes and joins the other kids to find a place where people like her are living safely. On the way to this place she falls for Liam a brave kid  with good heart but she can’t get near to him, not after what happened to her parents that night. Her powers are her curse but soon she realizes that she is more powerful than she gave herself credit for. People will try to use her powers in every way possible against government if they find out.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, my rating: 3 out of 5. I didn’t like the ending it was kind of predictable. But I am eager to read the remaining books in the series.


the_lightning_thief”The lightning Thief” is the first installment in  Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This book is about Greek Gods and demigods. This book gives proper information about Gods and their power. If you want to know about Greek myths and want to read a good fiction this is right choice.

The main character, Percy, is a 12 year old, dyslexic student of Yancy Academy who believes Greek Gods are just myths told to people to explain seasons. He had never imagined that one day he will have to face them. But monsters and Gods both seem to be after him for some reason and his normal, not so complicated life is upside down. A powerful god (who is his father as well) is seeking for his help. All these years who abandoned his mother and him for the sake of prestige is seeking for help. Will Percy help him? By doing so will he be able to withstand the anger of other Gods and monsters?

It is simple and interesting story. My rating: 4 out of 5. I highly recommend this to Harry Potter and Narnia fans 🙂 I watched the movie adaptation of this novel by the same name, but they have changed a lot of things in the movie and it was not as good as the book.

I never read Sarra Manning’s book before. This is the first book I read, written by this author. But totally liked it, and read it again and again at least four times.  I read this book almost 2 and half years back since then I am a fan of this book.

Its a teen oriented novel. Its a story about sixteen- year – old Isabel, a girl who lost her mother and tries to act  as if nothing happened because she dont want sympathy from people. She is mean and a bully but soon you will know what is  she from inside.  The story starts after the summer vacation, she lost her mother. She tries to act strong when all her schoolmates and teachers think she will be week after the big lose.

Isabel parties, boozes, flirts with guys as nothing happened and always gets to arguments with dad for doing this.  One day she meets a boy called Smith, whom she really likes and falls for. But she lies to him that she is eighteen years old and hangs out with him and lies to  dad that she is with her best friend Dot. Her relation grows with Smith and it turns sexual. But one day both, her dad and Smith will come to know about her leis and she will have nowhere to go.

What will happen to Isabel? Will her relationship will last with Smith after the truth is revealed? What will her dad do for her behavior? Will she ever come out of her pain of loosing her mom? to know you will have to read the book 🙂

A wonderful teen novel which makes you fall in love with Isabel even though she is full of flaws. I am waiting to read more books from the same author.