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People are going crazy about ”Fifty Shades Trilogy” every day I see some one or the other posting about these books. Some times it is good things and most of the times about how much they hate it. I know can’t blame them, I personally did’t like the first book ( so far I could read only one book out of three ). Whatever it is people are talking about it and buying these books so it is definitely a huge hit.

It is considered as fan fiction of ”Twilight series” but the best part is there are many spoofs, spin-off and parodies of this Fifty shades books. I was surprised to see 24 books in the list. Totally unbelievable isn’t it 🙂

Some of the titles are very interesting :

  • Fifty shades of gravy
  • Fifty shades of grey and Zombies
  • Fifty shades of silver hair and socks
  •  Fifty shades of gay
  • Fifty shades of pink
  • Fifty shades of grey the Vampire
  • Fifty shades of Twilight
  • Fifty shades of Garbage
  • Fifty shades of Fat
  • Fifty shades of Lame
  • fifty shades of Stupid
  • Fifty shades of bacon flavored vagina spray
  • Fifty shades of Alice in wonderland

the list goes on…… :)I would like to read few books from this list.But I don’t think after reading the original book I can take the word fifty shades anymore! It is like anyone can write a book with fifty shades and something on the title. I love this idea ha ha, may be I can write a book  and name it  Fifty shades of total rubbish or fifty shades of cheese burger with soda 🙂