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The Graveyard book byNeil Gaiman”The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman is imaginative tale with a fable like quality. This is my first book from this author and I totally fell in love with his writing style. This may seem like a children literature or middle grade  book but I feel there is a lot more than that in the story. When I picked up this book I was clueless about whats inside, my guess was pointing towards ghosts and spirits as the title suggested. But I was surprised to find a whole different world of fantasy inside.

When a family is murdered by a mysterious killer except one- a young, diapered boy, who had wandered off just before the crime took place. But the killer needed to complete the job so he starts searching for him. Fortunately for the boy, he was taken in by the residents of a nearby graveyard. And when the spirit of his newly deceased mother asks for their help, the residents agree to raise her son. He is given to the care of the Owens couple and named “Nobody,” Bod for short. He is raised by a group of ghosts and was kept inside the gates, unknown to the outside world. The murderer takes off after failed attempt  of searching. Bod starts his studies and adventures inside, if he leaves that place then he has to  face the danger waiting for him outside.

My rating: 4 out of 5. This book is inspired by ‘The Jungle Book’ if you see closely you can compare the characters. Like Mowgli was raised by a group of wolves, here Bod was raised by a bunch of ghosts or spirits. Sher Khan has been transformed into the man Jack,  and Bhaloo and Bagheera into Silas and Miss Lupescu the werewolf who are protectors of Bod through out the story. Bandar-log in Jungle book were a bunch of silly monkeys causing trouble and here in this book we can compare them to mindless ghouls. I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read a good piece of literature.

Hell House by Richard Matheson Richard Matheson is one of my favorite authors, ”I am legend” is one hell of a horror novel.  ”Hell House” is not that special compared to the other two books I have read from this author. It seems obviously inspired by Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House which I read few days back. But this book is more creepier than ‘The Haunting Hill House’ where the haunting was imaginary and bit confusing.

Welcome to my house, I’m delighted you could come. I am certain you will find your stay here most illuminating. It is regrettable I cannot be with you, but I had to leave before your arrival. Do not let my physical absence disturb you, however. Think of me as your unseen host and believe that, during your stay here, I shall be with you in spirit.” ~ Emeric Belasco

This book begins with the new owner of the house assembling a crew to determine what, if anything, haunts this tomb-like mansion. The crew consists of Dr. Lionel Barrett (a scientist), his wife Edith, Benjamin Franklin Fischer (a physical medium whom had experienced the house previously and survived when all his crew members were dead), and Florence Tanner (a mental medium with a profound religious faith). They all set to this haunting house where Emeric Belasco used to receive his guests, soon they find out that these guests never left that place. It was a hell indeed for people who stayed there, hell with pleasure.

Author opens a door to this sinister world of sexual exploitations, physical cruelties and mental games. Soon this crew will find their own hell in this hell house. This book was published in 1971, so there is a classic touch to it.   My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this to horror fiction fans out there who like some good dose of creepiness.

Haunted love Short stories are not my type, its more like what my mom would love to read. I always voted for  lengthy novels when it came to reading. I recently started reading a book,  ”Red Carpet” – full of short stories but could’t read more than 2 stories. I feel that in  a short story things are always on stake and rushed manner. ”Haunted Love” is also a short story of 38 pages, very quick read. I enjoyed this story quite a bit.

Cody was orphaned at age ten and had to live with his abusive Uncle Dean. He found a way to become stronger and defend himself. Now he bought the Old Love Theater in his hometown of Spirit, Texas. Theater was closed down long back and there were rumors about wandering spirits. Cody himself was mysterious he could see a girl’s spirit. There is a new mayor in town and his sixteen year old daughter, Ginny, has forced Cody wanting to help with the theater and make some money for herself from this job like a normal teenager would do. But from there everything changes from normal to dangerous.

It was a good read, but I felt this concept would have been a great novel material as short story it was rushed a bit. My rating- 3 out of 5. People who love to read paranormal, ghost and scary short stories go for it!

Bleach Manga I Love this manga series, I have read many issues, but watched almost all episodes dubbed in English. I saw my cousins watching it one day and fell in love from the first episode. The concept, animation, language everything is wonderful. First time more than reading it I liked watching it.

ichigo kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenager gifted with the ability to see spirits, but his life entirely changes when he meets a Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki, who arrives in search of Hollow ( a bad spirit which eats up the high spirit souls from humans and souls wandering in earth) when fighting this Hollow Rukia seeks Ichigo’s help by transferring a little energy from her to him through sword but she looses all her strength doing so, due to Ichigo’s high spirit. From then the real story starts. Ichigo being a soul reaper!

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki Words can’t explain it, once you start watching it I am sure you will understand what I meant 🙂 It is a wonderful animation, with lots of humor. There are other lovely characters- Ichigo’s human friends and family and soul reapers from soul society.

Bleach characters

If you like  supernatural stories and you are a book person then  this is the best series to read. This is my first and favorite manga series. This soul society concept is new and once you start learning the characters you will surely fall in love 🙂

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