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Callum&HarperAnother young adult story ”Callum and Harper”.  It is the story of young Callum and Harper, falling in love, misunderstanding, hiding the feelings, their struggle to get money as both are orphans.  It had all potential to be a great story but some thing was missing!

Callum and Harper meet each other when they are struggling to get a place to stay for one day, as most of the day they have to struggle getting places to stay as they are poor and orphans. They end up living in Callum’s friend’s place for few days and they start liking each other. They work very hard to earn the money to buy a place and live together. But Harper’s past is haunting her in the form of psycho lover from one of the  foster homes. Will they get what they want? Who is this psycho from Harper’s past?

A good love story with twist. My rating is 3 out of 5. It is the first book of Sleepless series. Second book is Thomas & January which I would like to read soon 🙂