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SlammedThis book totally blew me away, an excellent book, shocked it’s a debut novel! There is a slam poet inside me so it didn’t take much to like the book. I was in love with it the second I started reading.

The characters were strong, compelling, and believable. The main character is Lake. Lake and Will and their ethical and moral dilemma shuts down their relationship. But they can’t change what they feel for each other even though it is not right.  Lake’s mother had a secret that turned their world upside down. I liked Will as he appealed to me as a very strong character with lot of burden on his life.

Inclusion of a poetry slam in the story is best. You can feel the pain, happiness of the poet in the slams. I just loved it and wrote few more slams but all looked like I got inspired from the slams from this book. One day I will have my own slamming blog 🙂 YA fans it is a best book to read! My rating is 4 out of 5.