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Second Summer of the Sisterhood”The Second Summer of the Sisterhood” is the second installment in Sisterhood series. I read this book because I liked the first book so much. Traveling pants and the the way they travel around the friends by bringing luck and keeping the friendship strong is a unique and wonderful concept.

Lena, Tibby, Carmen and Bridget had to spend another summer apart from each other. Just like the last summer they have the company of wonderful magic pants. They all face happy and sad moments in this summer. Now that they have got traveling pants will they turn their luck into good? Whats the story of this four girls in the second summer apart from each other?

I am glad that the ending was not predictable. After reading this book I am  little hurt and happy at the same time. I recommend this book to YA fiction fans. If you are looking for a light summer read, then this book is perfect. I would suggest you to pick up the first book before you jump into this, becuase that way you will be more attached to the girls and will be more comfortable with the story. My rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Sisterhood of travelling pantsI was attracted by the title, I was like may be its modern fairy tale or something related to magic. I didn’t read any reviews before reading this book (I like sponge bob square pants I know its nothing to do with book, thought of mentioning it here 🙂 ) I should say that it was not that exciting as I expected it to be. But it reminded  me of  my best friends ( now we are not in that touch becuase we all live in different countries and hardly we have get together s).

Its about a pair of jeans which is believed as magical by four best friends, “The Septembers,” who have known each other forever (their mothers became friends while pregnant) and have never been separated for long. But the first summer that they will all spend apart arrives and they worry that they will grow apart. But not to worry, as they discover a pair of jeans (The Traveling Pants) that magically fit each of them despite their different sizes and heights. They agree to share the pants, establishing set rules and passing the jeans back and forth amongst them to ensure that they keep in touch. With the help of the pants and each other, the girls manage to overcome the various personal struggles and tragedies that they experience, ending up closer than ever despite being farther apart than ever before.

What everyone will face throughout the summer is completely different set of feelings and situations. How this pants will help them? Are they really magical? What are the stories of these teenage girls? If you are ready to read a fantasy, teen read which you will read and think as time pass or entertainer its  a good book to read. Its first book of the travelling  pants series, there are more books- The second summer of the sisterhood, Girls in pants: The third summer of sisterhood, Forever in blue: The fourth summer of sisterhood, sisterhood everlasting. I dont think I will read any of this books soon.

Movie was slow moving and I didn’t feel that its effective like book in any part, even the emotions were not expressed in movie how it was in book.