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41sdaKg7ZnL._SL500_S.C Stephens is one of my favorite authors. I love his writing style especially in Conversion series. I have read Thoughtless, Its all relative and Conversion series by this author. ”Effortless” is second book in the ”Thoughtless series”. If you liked thoughtless I am sure you will like this  book.

Who don’t like Rock star Kellan and his cute girl friend Kiera?  I liked their little romance back in fist book. In this book you can find more of their romance and love. Now that kellan & Kiera are together life is good for them. But still past memories are following them like ghosts. Trust is important for a relationship, but when a relationship is started by cheating a third person it is always unsure. Kiera started her relationship with kellan by cheating on her boyfriend Denny. How can Kellan trust her now? Kellan slept with almost every girl in the town before he met Kiera, Kiera can not stand when every other girl knows how it feels to be touched and kissed by Kellan. Now that Kellan is famous and is on world tour will he be able to resist hot girls who can die to get near to him? Denny is back in town will Kiera fall for him again, when Kellan is out of town giving shows?

It is a good college romance, worth reading once. I am sure you won’t be able to resist hot Kellan Kyle. My ratings are 3 out of 5.

Eclipse ”Eclipse” is the third book in ”Twilight series” and it is my favorite out of three. It  is because there is a prominent role of Jacob Black. I don’t know why I have developed a soft corner for Jacob from the beginning. I feel he is more suitable for Bella than Edward but as usual love has no limits, especially in Bella’s case when she is ready to leave her life and turn into a vampire.

Last two books were kind of slow and boring, but this book was comparatively better. As Edward is returned now and  Bella is happy again, problems are returned too. As they say Bella is danger magnet, danger is again following Bella. Jacob and her friendship is bloomed again but same time his feelings for her is increased. Bella realizes that she too has feelings for him. But choice is hers, it will be her decision to choose one soul mate out of two. But in between this Victoria is back, this time with an army of vampires.

I don’t know what more can be there in the 4th book when everything is settled in this book. I am now eager to read the ”Breaking Dawn”. 


Can Love Happen Twice”Wake Up call to the modern day lovers who have made it a fashion statement to love, breakup and quickly move on to find what’s next!”

After heart touching true tale of his love life -” I Too Had A Love Story”,Ravinder Singh wrote another book ”Can Love Happen Twice”. This time he let the readers guess if it is his real life story or fiction. After reading his second book I believe it is just fiction not like his first book where he reveals his painful  real  love story.

The day I finished ” I Too Had A Love Story” I had a question in my mind, what will happen to Ravin? How will he cope up with all the pain and broken heart? If he succeed in that will he able to love someone like he loved Kushi? This book came as an answer.  Book starts with a horrible fact told by his friends that he is in a re habitation center because love knocked on his door once again.  After Kushi is gone from his life in a terrible incident Ravin moves to Belgium and starts a new life there working in a new environment. But  his life changes upside down when he meets Simar. What happens in his life for the second time? Why he was admitted to rehab? one have to read and find out.

I don’t think that this book is complete fiction either. May be he met Simar rest of the story is mixed with fiction and non-fiction. It is simple and heart touching, worth reading once. According to me Ravin has written this book with an intention of making today’s generation understand the real meaning of love. They think Love is all about roaming around, passing time, sex and breakup when you are bored. He mainly intends to say that when you break up with out any reason you not only break their heart but you break their dreams, love and life. Perfect Indian love story with simple romantic touch. I give it 3 out of 5.

The Second book of the Hunger games. After reading  the first book and watching the movie I couldn’t wait to read this book. I was planing to read this book by next month, because there are many books in the ”Yet to read list”. But I was getting restless without knowing whats next in Hunger games.

If you thought the Capitol couldn’t get any more twisted then you were wrong. Capitol has its own way to make people do what they want and for an extent they succeed in that. I finished reading this in 2 days! I thought first book was fantastic, so its sequel will not be that good. But oh boy! how can it be? I was wrong! Its amazing too.

But there is no dynamic fights as in first book. Catching fire is a good title to indicate that ”The girl on fire” is really on fire and she is catching fire 🙂  Yes exactly thats what happens in this book. Katniss’s world is on fire now! At the end I felt little lost, but it was shocking too. I don’t know from where author gets this ideas, but they are just incredible.Peeta is adorable as usual and all characters are good in their own way. I don’t want to talk about the story and spoil the fun for people who didn’t read but planning to read it.

Just love it and waiting to read the third book as soon as possible.

This is a sequel to Scary Mary. I should say that this is better than the first one. The characters seemed improved and confident. This book has more adventures of Mary and more ghosts are appearing in front of her. More than anything here she is going to save her enemy Vicky, who is in comma but still Mary can hear her talking to her and she feel that Vicky is struggling and asking Mary to help her. Will  she save Vicky? for knowing Mary’s adventures you should read the book “Stalking Shadows”.

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