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41sdaKg7ZnL._SL500_S.C Stephens is one of my favorite authors. I love his writing style especially in Conversion series. I have read Thoughtless, Its all relative and Conversion series by this author. ”Effortless” is second book in the ”Thoughtless series”. If you liked thoughtless I am sure you will like this  book.

Who don’t like Rock star Kellan and his cute girl friend Kiera?  I liked their little romance back in fist book. In this book you can find more of their romance and love. Now that kellan & Kiera are together life is good for them. But still past memories are following them like ghosts. Trust is important for a relationship, but when a relationship is started by cheating a third person it is always unsure. Kiera started her relationship with kellan by cheating on her boyfriend Denny. How can Kellan trust her now? Kellan slept with almost every girl in the town before he met Kiera, Kiera can not stand when every other girl knows how it feels to be touched and kissed by Kellan. Now that Kellan is famous and is on world tour will he be able to resist hot girls who can die to get near to him? Denny is back in town will Kiera fall for him again, when Kellan is out of town giving shows?

It is a good college romance, worth reading once. I am sure you won’t be able to resist hot Kellan Kyle. My ratings are 3 out of 5.