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SpecialsSpecials is the third installment in ”Uglies” series. I liked the first two books but after reading this one I felt as if the series will never end! Tally, the protagonist female character of this book changes herself into every possible personalities available. First she was ugly then pretty and now she is special.

Tally is a special now, she has undergone this surgery to make herself super fast, skilled killing machine specially built to keep the uglies down and   pretties stupid. These special people are called as cutters, their main goal is to find New smoke and destroy it. But Tally is engineered to feel superior, she feels annoyed even in her pretty boyfriend’s company. She wants to change him into a special too, for that she follows a plan. A plan where her boyfriend can be turned into special and new smoke can be found and destroyed.

One of things I really enjoyed is how different Tally becomes in each book. From Ugly to Pretty to Special, her entire personality shifts and changes constantly as she undergoes not just plastic surgery, but mental surgery. But at the same time special Tally was annoying, it’s terribly frustrating knowing she’s been brainwashed, but she refuses to believe it. The way she looks down at her boyfriend made me hate her. But all together it was a bittersweet ending to the trilogy. Oh! wait, can I call it trilogy cause there is  4th book in the series- Extras. My rating: 2 out of 5. I would like to read and see what is there in the next book, but not right now.

Fragments Fragments by Dan Wells is the second installment in the Partials series. I liked the first book in the series but this one was plain boring. I wanted to cry out loud while reading this book! Why would anyone take a great book like partials and make a sequel like this? The only thing kept me going while reading this book was hope and my love for the first book.

After discovering the cure for RM, Kira walks out to get more information about partials and RM. She wants to find out the reason why it all started and also she wants to know what she is. But soon she will find out more than what she wanted to know. Partials are soon going to die due to their expiry date and even humans will die soon if the partials are gone with out the cure for RM. Kira takes a journey to the truth and soon finds out what started it all.

This book keeps you waiting, and waiting, and waiting for something really interesting to grab you and it never happens. Falls completely flat and the character developments is dull. My rating: 2 out of 5.

The Host I was little hesitant to read this book, becuase science fictions about alien and other planets are not my type. But this book was in my reading list from a long time and simply wanted to take a break from my usual reading about romance, vampires, and zombies. This was a real break for me. I took more than four days to finish this book ( considering the fact that I was reading this book at my work place during the breaks I get) and felt it was purposefully dragged  more than necessary. I am not a fan of Twilight series, but I am not a hater too. I read twilight series, liked it and watched the movies as well.

The host is entirely different concept. Its about alien species invading the earth and living inside humans like parasites. Once that happens usually human souls fade away and alien souls dominate the entire body. There is no violence, no hunger, no lies around, but there are no humans either. But a group of humans are still on run trying to save what left of the humans. Melanie Stryder was on run while she got caught but she refuses to fade away. Wanderer, the invading “soul” who now has Melanie’s body is confused as she can not process Melanie’s memories and report it to the seekers. But as Melanie slowly  shows the Wanderer her memories of her lover Jared and her brother Jamie. Wanderer starts to feel for them and they both sets of in search of them. But will humans accept Melanie when wanderer is inside her and she is one of aliens now? Will she succeed to get to her brother and Jared? What will be seeker’s reaction when she comes to know that Melanie and wanderer escaped?

Its a beautiful romantic story, but dominated by science fiction. You can find lot of similarity between Twilight and The Host if you compare it closely. ( High spoilers alert, read it only if you have read the book****)

  • Both, Twilight and The host has got 2 hero’s, Edward and Jacob in Twilight, Jared and Ian in The Host
  • Heroine is as confused as Bella from Twilight becuase she has feelings for both (I don’t blame her when there are 2 handsome men)
  • Even though wanderer is free to love Ian she still feels for Jared, and Melanie kind of has feelings for Ian in a strange way. Just like how Bella still felt for Jacob.

I watched the movie too, it was excellent. It is good read if you are interested in science fiction. My rating: 3 out of 5.


PartialsHuman race is in danger. from last 11 years there is not even a single baby who survived the RM virus. There are no children, the youngest child on the earth is 14 years old.  Everything is changed after partials attack now earth is left with only resistant survives. Sci-fi books about aliens, people from other planets are not my type. But ”Partials” is different and  it kind of reminds me of Hunger Game series. May be its because there is a kick ass female character in this book too.

Kera doesn’t believe in the hope act, that every female over the age of 18 should get pregnant to save their world. Because over the 11 years, after the attack of partials no baby survives after the birth, due to RM virus. Kera is a medic and she is 16 years old, she saw babies dying in front of her eyes everyday when no one could do anything. Now that her best friend Madison is pregnant she wants to save the child somehow. For that she is ready to take a risk by capturing a partial and studying its resistance towards RM virus. She is all set to capture one partial with the support of her boy friend and others. But after that her life is not normal because she di9scovers TRUTH. A wonderful story of young girl who wants to save the world.

Spoiler alert*** I liked the way the story ended. Too many things revealed but yet to be discovered. I didn’t like Kera’ s boy friend because I felt he was not good enough for her. I liked Samm the partial, and felt he is better choice. But as she didn’t reveal her feelings about Samm in this book, have to wait until I read the second one. my rating:  3 out of 5.

Very late for the review! I know, I wanted to read this book long back but some how kept saying to myself ”Later”. I never read any of Dan Brown’s books before. I should say his style of writing is different. Even though this  is historical, scientific friction and thriller novel I caught myself laughing sometimes 🙂

I dont know how accurate is  the information given in this novel but for the first time I came across the word ”Illuminati”. I was not aware of crusades and hassassian things mentioned in the book. While reading the book I searched all the information and read it in between. I was only aware of Indian history and some war in Afghanistan, Kabul, and Bangladesh. So I had to read Vatican history a bit.

Coming to the story,  Robert Langdon, professor of religious iconology and art history at Harvard University is called by Maximilian Kohler, the director of CERN, world’s largest scientific research center to meet him about “Illuminati”. Lenoardo Vetra created the antimatter to simulate the Big Bang but somebody murdered him and stole it form him leaving an “Illuminati” brand on his murdered body. Then Langdon travels to Vatican city  along with Dr. Vetra’s daughter Vittoria Vetra when they get the news that stolen canister is in Vatican city. But Vatican city with the recent death of the Pope, the cardinals of the Catholic Church are all within the city for the conclave to choose the new pope. Langdon and Vittoria Vetra have to find out four kidnaped cardials and locate the canister by tracking the hassassian murderer. How will they find where the murder is going to happen? How can they locate the Canister? Who is behind this? What is this “Illuminati” and its brotherhood?

Even though this was interesting story I speed read it sometimes skipping the explanation about interiors of the place and the conversation between BBC news team. Immediately after reading I watched movie and i was disappointed,they completely ruined the concept.  There was no importance for Hassassian  and most of the characters are changed and even the concept was changed accordingly. There was nothing related to the book.