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Never Let Me Go Sachin Garg”Never Let Me Go” is a story of engineering student Samar. In the beginning it starts off  as any normal love story but then it takes many twists and turns. This is my second novel of this author, first was ”I am not twenty four I have been nineteen for five years”. Never let me go is story of author’s life, about the year when he turned 21st. I missed out to read the first book where he says his story of 20th year- ”First Love”. I think that doesn’t make much difference now as it has a complete story as far as I know.

Samar Garg is engineering student in Delhi, living with his best friend , and having the most beautiful girl as a girlfriend he has everything in his life. A nice career to look forward to, never ending romance with Kannika, he is in paradise. But suddenly one day everything collapses, he escapes to Goa in search of something which even he was not sure about. But Goa is a place where every one comes in search of something or the other. Few people come to enjoy and drink, few come to relax, few come to get inner peace and few come to get girls. Samar could get everything he wanted out of these but he had come there to forget something. Working in a shack in a place where  Goa’s most exclusive and wild party happen,s will Samar forget what he wants to forget? Why did he run away from his paradise and what is his real story?

It is a good read if you are interested to read Indian novels, but then again it seems like non fiction after reading about the author and his note in the end of the book. Whatever it may be but it surely inspires me to write a novel. But problem with me is I know what should be the summary but I don’t know how to elaborate it in to a novel. I am sure one or the other day I will write a novel for sure. May be it will not be a hit but it will be impressive for sure 🙂 

My ratings for this book: 3 out of 5. 


i'm not twenty four... - sachin garg”Ooho.. I want those shoes” was what I had in my mind looking at the cover, lovely read shoes!  I am done with reading IIT-ians same old love stories. After Chetan Bhagat’s Two States hit the bestseller level, every student started writing about his own love story and publishing. I wanted something good in Indian fiction to remember the good old days where I had enjoyed reading books from Indian authors. This book was totally refreshing!

India is a small country but every state has it’s own tradition, so normally people from one state will have problem adjusting in another state. Language, food, life style is totally different all over. Now about the book, Saumya a north Indian (Delhi) girl gets a job in South India ( Karnataka). Very rural place in Karnataka indeed, where she meets Malappa and Shubhro. Shubhro is a Indian hippie kind of person always smoking pots and roaming in Old temples of Hampi. It was supposed to be a love traigle but it’s not! There is no space for love when you are surrounded by dying people, Saumya was welcomed by blood, riots, violent bosses and cut limbs of labors. Which girl will like to stay there? But Saumya did! Will soumya survive there? What about Malappa? Will Shubhro can show who is he when he is surrounded by smoke and drinks?

I just loved this book, amazingly story sets through the end by leaving a strong feeling. I will recommend this book to people who want to read some good Indian fiction. My ratings are 4 out of 5.