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Jugari Cross of KPPTKannada language is the first language I learned to speak as a baby. And its the first one I learned to read and write. Even though now I don’t read and write much of it, I always have a warm feeling towards this language. Because this language is close to my heart and more than anything its mine. I have read lot of novels in Kannada, in fact first novel I read was Kannada novel ”Navilu Thota” (Meaning: Peacock Garden) which was translation of some Hindi or Urdu novel I don’t remember now. There are lot of famous novelists like Kuvempu, S. L Bhyrappa, Girish Karnad, Triveni, K. P Purnachandra Tejaswi.

This novel Jugari is written by K.P Purnachandra Tejaswi. Jugari Cross is for real, it is actual place in Karnataka. I have never been there so I hope geography mentioned in this story is also real. It is a super suspense thriller woven around the  incidents that occur with an ordinary  couple’s life. But if you think it is going to be a romantic novel then you are wrong. It has philosophy, literature, the principles of global economies and also about Mafia gang. Suresh and Gowri are couples who are about to sell cardamom in market. But instead of getting few thousands they get Lacks for their Cardamom which is quite unbelievable. Till then everything is slow moving but after that it is run for life. There are people following them but not sure for what. Meanwhile on his run with his wife, Suresh meets his college friend Rajappa who  mysteriousely bumped into him with a book which has more than what a normal person should know. Now Suresh knows whats happening around him.

I liked Suresh and Gowri’s character because they are way cooler than what I expected them to be. Sometimes it is funny how Gowri is so careless. I totally enjoyed reading this book. I read it with in 2 days, actually I could have read it in a day but then I was at my parents place and I was visiting my patents after a year so had lots to talk to them. This book was lying in my mom’s bookshelf and couldn’t resist 🙂 It is really a wonderful read.

My rating: 4 out of 5. This book is translated to English, if someone is interested in wonderful thriller can buy this book from Amazon:

Jugari Cross English

Sand Dollar, A Story of undying  love. It is truly a story of undying love! What an amazing book. I got this from author Sebastian Cole, I am really grateful. Fist I would like to thank Mr. Cole for giving this opportunity.

Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar

This is debut novel from this author! wish I could write novels like this. Noah Hartman has reached the end of his long and eventful life, and wants to tell the story of his undying love to someone. From there the story starts, story of Noah and Robin’s undying love. Noah meets his soul mate Robin one day. Robin is beautiful, young and lovely lady, but she has some secrets from past which she don’t want to share with Noah. One day suddenly she forgets how much she liked him and goes with someone else from past. Noah is totally shattered but he can’t forget Robin. What is this secret which is keeping Robin away from Noah?What will happen to Robin and Noah’s love story? What is that Dark secret?

This book made me laugh, cry and my  heart ache. I am glad that I read this book. If you are a fan of Romantic novels, then go ahead read this book.

I read this story recently, four months back. I have already read four novels from the same author so I was kind of predicting the story when I started reading. But for my surprise it turned  out to be entirely different from whatever I read before. I couldn’t put the book down, its an amazing story. A romantic, suspense filled heart melting story.

The main character, “Katie” comes to a new town to “start over.” She wants a new life and a new beginning in a new place. She keeps herself away from people but soon with out knowing she gets close to a local business owner, Alex  a widower, now a single parent. But Katie has got a secret that she never revealed to anyone. Whom she is running away and hiding  from? Will she able to maintain the relationship by hiding the past?

A fantastic story about love and trust. The concept where her past hides and how she struggled in past with the a total psycho, abusive husband is heart melting. But only the ghost concept at the end is kind of unbelievable but totally its a good book.  I would recommend this book, becuase it is worth reading.