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right-fit-wrong-shoeRight Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit is an Indian contemporary romance. I don’t know after how many months I picked up a book from an Indian author. I bought this last year but as I was busy with my crazy project of  completing the series I didn’t get opportunity to read this. I loved the book ”Xess Baggage” by this author and was eager to explore more of her writing. As I expected this book was easy and interesting read, I read it in single sitting. The romance and the sexual tension between the main characters captured my heart.

Nandini is single and independent woman with a beautiful body and a good heart. There is nothing exciting in her life she is this average Indian lady who stays with her parents and does an average job. But she has a dark past which comes chasing her for revenge. This dark past which she is so scared of is her ex-boy friend Aditya who wants to ruin her life so badly. What is the story behind this love-hate thing? What did she do to Aditya to make him hate her? How her life will change after Aditya’s entry in her life once again?

It is totally cheesy, melodramatic Bollywood type novel. But I loved the chemistry and that little tension between Nandini and Aditya. Their chemistry was perfect, it has been ages since last time I read a novel this filmy. My rating: 4 out of 5. I am looking forward to read the sequel Wrong Means Right End.

This Girl ”This Girl” is the final installment in ”Slammed series”. I’m going to start off by saying-I’m not a huge fan of books which are just a retelling of a previous book from a different point of view. Just becuase I enjoyed the first 2 books in the series I picked up this book. I knew from the beginning that there is nothing going to be new about the story.

This Girl takes place immediately after Will and Layken get married. They are lounging around in their hotel room talking about the past when Lake decides she wants to hear Will’s story of how they got together and what followed after that. It was more like a summery of previous books and if I start reviewing more I will give out the spoilers for those. So I  won’t go into detailed review. I felt like I was stuck in one of those TV series episodes where they all tell stories of what happened to them and they show the old shows within the new one,if you know what I mean.

My rating is 3 out of 5. I wanted to give 2 but then I changed my mind and gave 3. I am sorry to say that this felt like an unnecessary telling of a story already beautifully told.

Thomas & January Thomas and January is the second installment of ”Sleepless” series. A perfect romantic novel for romance lovers. I absolutely loved ”Callum & Harper” by Fisher Amelie so picked up ”Thomas & January” but didn’t like it as much as I liked the first book.

Thomas Eriksson fled to NY, he is a former musician and now a music scout. His whole persona from Callum & Harper did a complete turnabout, he went from being tie-dye Tom to dark, moody, heart broken, sad and mysterious Tom. He is trying to forget Kelly, his best friend who is getting married soon.

January MacLochlainn, the eldest of ten children has left a scholarship at Berkeley to pursue a career in the music world where her passion truly lies and she really has good ears for music.

When they meet they share a kiss, but they never knew this one kiss can turn their life upside down.

I liked this adorable love story, but didn’t like how it started. Don’t you think 2 strangers kissing each other for the first time with out even bothering to introduce themselves is bit weird? Other than that everything was good. My rating: 3 out of 5. It is  good time pass read. I read this book in one sitting.

Racing-SavannahThis was the first book from Miranda that I’ve read. Even though this book is 4th in the ”Hundred Oaks” series it is not related to previous books so  I don’t have to worry about first 3 books in the series. This book is very romantic, heart touching and fairy tale like story.

Jack Goodwin lives in estate, rich and responsible. Savannah’s dad works for his estate training horses. She is aware that she can’t possibly wish for him to be with her but Jack has no boundaries when he starts liking her. She doesn’t want to live her life the way her father did, working for a minimum salary all his life trying to adjust. She wants something big for her so she stats off as jockey for Goodwin’s horse. Where will this forbidden love take her?

It was a good and very light read. It is a good choice if you are looking for refreshing your mood. My rating: 3 out of 5. I am eager to read other books from this series.

dark lover This is another vampire fiction I recently picked up for reading, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the story line. It is first book in Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Its not a unpredictable and interesting plot but there is something attractive in the story.

There is a vampire brotherhood protecting all vampires from hunters known as slayers. Brotherhood is made up of six vampire warriors and Wrath is the leader of this group, the only purebred vampire left on earth waiting to take revenge on slayers for killing his parents. But his revenge has to wait as one of his brothers from brotherhood is leaving his half-breed daughter who is unaware of this vampire world under Wrath’s responsibility. He should guide her to the undead world if she survives the changing.

There is lot of romance and love in this book, and also some action at the end. It is a good time pass read, worth giving a chance if you are a vampire fiction fan. My rating 3 out of 5.

RecklessRemember the Star Cross lovers from Thoughtless series? Kiera and Kellan, they have gone through a lot of suffering to take their relation to another level. Kiera cheated on Deny and started the relationship with Kellan, even though it was an attraction in the beginning it turned out to be real love.

3rd book starts with Kellan and Kiera secretly exchanging the ring and considering it as marriage. Now that Kiera is graduated and wants to write a book she accompanies Kellan in his tours. But Kellan is girl repellent, with his body and face everywhere girls are attracted to him. Even super celebrity wants to record a song with him, as this popular female celebrity gets near to him she tries to throw Kiera out of Kellen’s  reach. Now Kellan is Celebrity too, with lots of money and fame. Will their love survive in this battle of fame?

It’s an interesting read. I liked this Thoughtless series from the beginning. It has a dreamy feel to it with author’s addictive writing style. I liked all the characters in this book. My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this series to ”Romance” lovers.

The Host I was little hesitant to read this book, becuase science fictions about alien and other planets are not my type. But this book was in my reading list from a long time and simply wanted to take a break from my usual reading about romance, vampires, and zombies. This was a real break for me. I took more than four days to finish this book ( considering the fact that I was reading this book at my work place during the breaks I get) and felt it was purposefully dragged  more than necessary. I am not a fan of Twilight series, but I am not a hater too. I read twilight series, liked it and watched the movies as well.

The host is entirely different concept. Its about alien species invading the earth and living inside humans like parasites. Once that happens usually human souls fade away and alien souls dominate the entire body. There is no violence, no hunger, no lies around, but there are no humans either. But a group of humans are still on run trying to save what left of the humans. Melanie Stryder was on run while she got caught but she refuses to fade away. Wanderer, the invading “soul” who now has Melanie’s body is confused as she can not process Melanie’s memories and report it to the seekers. But as Melanie slowly  shows the Wanderer her memories of her lover Jared and her brother Jamie. Wanderer starts to feel for them and they both sets of in search of them. But will humans accept Melanie when wanderer is inside her and she is one of aliens now? Will she succeed to get to her brother and Jared? What will be seeker’s reaction when she comes to know that Melanie and wanderer escaped?

Its a beautiful romantic story, but dominated by science fiction. You can find lot of similarity between Twilight and The Host if you compare it closely. ( High spoilers alert, read it only if you have read the book****)

  • Both, Twilight and The host has got 2 hero’s, Edward and Jacob in Twilight, Jared and Ian in The Host
  • Heroine is as confused as Bella from Twilight becuase she has feelings for both (I don’t blame her when there are 2 handsome men)
  • Even though wanderer is free to love Ian she still feels for Jared, and Melanie kind of has feelings for Ian in a strange way. Just like how Bella still felt for Jacob.

I watched the movie too, it was excellent. It is good read if you are interested in science fiction. My rating: 3 out of 5.


The RescueNicholas Spark’s novel never failed to make me cry, and this book is not different. I have read 10 books from this Author, including ” The Rescue”.  There is something in his novels which makes you get attached to the characters and see them as humans rather than just characters. When he writes a story every character comes into life. The Rescue is about a mother with her abnormal child, who has got learning disabilities and a gentleman who is commitment phobic, and with a terrible past memory making him suffer every moment.

Denise and her son Kyle meets with am accident in a bad weather right after moving to a new town. They are rescued by a volunteer fireman, Taylor and from there their friendship blooms. Kyle is attached to Taylor as he never was attached to anyone. Denise who is single mother and gone through lot of difficulties is scared to take the friendship to next level. But Taylor with his charm and gentleness gets hold on her heart. Everything is perfect until Taylor’s previous self is returned and the chilling truth is that he shows no interest anymore. Will Denise be able to go through this heart break? Will Kyle understand what it means that Taylor can’t be there for him anymore? Whats is this thing keeping Taylor away from everything?

Its a good book, I recommend for those who enjoy Nicholas Spark’s novels. I read it somewhere that this is his debut. My ratings: 3 out of 5.

P.S: I was crying when I reached very close to the end of this book, reading Denise speak out her feelings. I was travelling in bus with lots of tissues in hand, but fortunately as it was afternoon time there were very less people to notice me!

CeaselessLast book from ”Existence Trilogy” is ”Ceaseless”.  I liked the first book in this series, after that I lost interest while reading the second and third book. I felt as if the story was long over and the author just kept  dragging it.

In ”Ceaseless” Pagan Moore is subjected to test. In second book she has proved that her love is worth now she has to face something bigger as test to get Dank. The test is very simple, all her memories about Dank has been erased and she is starting over again like a normal teenage girl away from her home, going to college. But she has to chose Dank. She has given choices over dank, he soul mate and a lot of teenage boys are there to compete with Dank this time. It is not easy for Dank to get his Pagan back. Will Pagan chose Dank instead of her soul mate? Will any other boys be there to take his place this time? What Leif is doing around when Pagan’s memory of Leif is also been erased and Pagan can’t remember him? Is he playing any Voodoo games like last time? More than anything how Dank will convince Pagan to choose him when right from the beginning Pagan misunderstood him?

Its a time pass book if you are fan of paranormal novels and already you have read the first and second book from this series then you can read this book. My rating 3 out of 5. (Because Dank is hot and romantic as ever 🙂 )

the-silver-kissThis is vampire and human love story. Where Zoey falls for Simon, who is 300 years older than her. This was published in 1990. I liked the book from the beginning, this is what real vampires are if there are! Because here Simon can’t cross the running water, can’t stand the crucifix, can’t enter without invited to anybody’s house and he can’t walk in the sunlight free.

Zoey is a normal teenager who is going through lot more than a normal teenager do. Her mom is dying at the hospital, her dad is so much into his work and hospital that he doesn’t get time to talk to her or he is avoiding her. Her best friend is moving to some where far, even she doesn’t want to talk about Zoey’s problems. Totally she is on her own. She meets this handsome guy called Simon one night at the park and falls for him with out knowing who he is but when she comes to knows she is gone far away to come back. Simon wants to take revenge on his brother who put him to this black hole and who is slaughtering women at night. Will Simon succeed in this? What will happen to Zoey and Simon?

It is kind of sad ending but it was somehow perfect ending. I have read this author’s ”Blood and Chocolate” novel. But ”The Silver Kiss” is her debut novel.   My rating: 3 out of 5.