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Reptide I got this book from some random book store last year. I wasn’t aware of the author or the title before, just picked up because wanted to read something new and different. This was lying in my ”to read” list from one year and finally I read it last month. This is really kind of different from what I usually read. This is thriller, murder mystery with lot of suspense and twist.

Sergeant Sarah Delaney has a past which is haunting her everyday. But it becomes worse when she is assigned to solve a murder mystery in Caxton, the place where her boyfriend Tom had lived – and where he died. When she goes to Caxton, to those places and beaches where she lived before and had memories created, her past slowly starts to reveal. Not only past but also a mystery which is related to current murder. What is her past? Is it related to the current murder case? What had happened to her boy friend, even though he is dead why does she hate him?

It is  a good time pass mystery novel to read. In few places I found loose ends, where the story could have been more strong. But over all a good story with fine twists. Not that predictable ending! My rating: 2 out of 5.

As I promised myself to buy a book per month I ended up buying two! My previous book purchase ( The Alchemist, Brida and The secret life of bees) covered till April and I count this purchase for May and June 🙂


I  accidentally discovered this Book shop while I was taking a walk on Cornish Road. And for my surprise there was a book sale. This time I thought of buying something which I never heard of before. I bought Disco Daddy by Morag Prunty and Riptide by James Humphreys.


As I never heard about this authors or books before I am so exited to read these books. But I am in half way with Pride and Prejudice hope to finish that first. Let me know what you think about my book purchase, or if you have read these books before or heard about it please share your view.