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Hell House by Richard Matheson Richard Matheson is one of my favorite authors, ”I am legend” is one hell of a horror novel.  ”Hell House” is not that special compared to the other two books I have read from this author. It seems obviously inspired by Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House which I read few days back. But this book is more creepier than ‘The Haunting Hill House’ where the haunting was imaginary and bit confusing.

Welcome to my house, I’m delighted you could come. I am certain you will find your stay here most illuminating. It is regrettable I cannot be with you, but I had to leave before your arrival. Do not let my physical absence disturb you, however. Think of me as your unseen host and believe that, during your stay here, I shall be with you in spirit.” ~ Emeric Belasco

This book begins with the new owner of the house assembling a crew to determine what, if anything, haunts this tomb-like mansion. The crew consists of Dr. Lionel Barrett (a scientist), his wife Edith, Benjamin Franklin Fischer (a physical medium whom had experienced the house previously and survived when all his crew members were dead), and Florence Tanner (a mental medium with a profound religious faith). They all set to this haunting house where Emeric Belasco used to receive his guests, soon they find out that these guests never left that place. It was a hell indeed for people who stayed there, hell with pleasure.

Author opens a door to this sinister world of sexual exploitations, physical cruelties and mental games. Soon this crew will find their own hell in this hell house. This book was published in 1971, so there is a classic touch to it.   My rating: 3 out of 5. I recommend this to horror fiction fans out there who like some good dose of creepiness.

Someone is BleedingAfter reading the mind blowing novel ” I Am Legend” I started looking for more books from author Richard Matheson. I found this novel which was first published in 1953 ”Someone is Bleeding” it is a thriller novel with full of suspense. I finished  reading this book in a day. I appreciate the author for his creative ideas and wonderful suspense.

Someone is Bleeding is the story of young author David Newton who visits California to write his novel. There he falls in love with beautiful young woman Peggy who tells she is divorced. But life is not that simple when he comes to know that Peggy is in her lawyer’s control who also used to be good friend of David in college days and has some personal reason to hate later. When he learns from her lawyer that Peggy is not divorced but her husband was killed by her,his nightmare starts. Then series of murder with ice pick starts around him. Who is the murderer? What is exactly the point behind this murders?

I found the plot little bit messy other than that it was very successful in creating the tension and building the curiosity while reading. I am looking forward to read more books from this author because his writing style is unique.

I Am LegendI Am Legend is  best shortest horror novel ever written. When I picked this to read I was expecting a story about a hero out there somewhere killing Vampire like a legend!  But found out extra ordinary imagination of author and could’t stop reading. I finished this novel in one day!( Its very short novel, 150+ pages)

Imagine, what if you are the only one living  in the whole world but when its night you have to face all living dead ”Vampires” searching for you! Neville is essentially the last man on earth, and the loneliness of his situation is the central part of the story. He roams wherever he wants in day time but during night he locks himself inside his house where it is safe from vampires. He uses all possible methods to keep the vampire away like Garlic, running water etc. You may think what is new in this, we have seen and read about this kind of myths over million times. But this is different because there is a secitific explanation for everything, even the use of garlic or any other substance to keep them away is scientifically described. Here vampirism is  no dark power, its just a disease but very ugly, cruel, blood sucking disease. After being lonely for very long time he finds a women and everything changes. I don’t want to spoil the fun by telling what happens so it is left to readers to read and find out how story goes from here.

I Am Legend Movie

I watched movie based on this novel by the same name- I am legend starring Will Smith. Story is changed in the movie and its not that horrifying compared to the book. I would suggest to read the book before you watch the movie if you are not watched yet. Some parts in the book are scary like group of vampires calling Neville from out side to come out and every day it’s the same thing. I don’t think I would last for even five minutes in such situation! If you are fan of Vampire Novels then go for this book. But I should warn you that it is slow going.