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GirlAfter a month I am back, happy to see my blog again:) Vacation was long and good, but nothing as planed. After a long gap of an year,  meeting my parents was the happiest moment. Now I am back with a light heart, relaxed mind. This time I bought 14 books while coming back! the books I was craving for….

Even though I decided not to read while I was on vacation I read a book ( Matagathi by Ravi Belagere) and picked a self help book from my mini library at my parents place, which I finished reading almost half ( Who will cry when you Die by Robin Sharma) Soon I will be back with reviews.

Its late for a review! I know, all Hunger games fans are already given the review. And all reviews are positive about the movie. I watched it on 22nd March thats last week and liked it. If you read my previous reviews about novels and  movies based on novels, you will find that I always felt books are better than movies. When a novel is adapted as a movie, they will always end up spoiling it. But this one is quite opposite.

This post is not about review. I should say that I am little confused after watching this movie. When I read this book I thought Peeta and Katniss will make a good pair. As Peeta was supportive and liked Katniss and helped her to win,I liked his character. I didn’t understand why Katniss had problem to accept his love. He is so innocent and lovable.

Peeta and Katniss

But after watching  the movie I liked Gale’s character too. He liked Katniss, and took care of her family in her absence and he looks good too. So I don’t know who will be suitable pair for Katniss now. Peeta or Gale?

Whom do you think as a good pair? I know I am acting like a crazy fan but I am as confused as Katniss 🙂 Now I am reading  the second book ”Catching Fire”, may be I will get an idea after reading this.