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Before I go to sleepOnly one word can explain this book ”Awesome”! My fellow blogger recommended this book saying that ” It is one of those books you literally cannot put down until you know the ending”. I totally agree with her after reading the book. And she told me not to read any reviews of this book before, thinking that some reviews may spoil the suspense for me. I should be very careful while reviewing this book because I don’t want to ruin the fun of others who didn’t read it.

I should say that it is really amazing debut novel! Christine wakes up every morning thinking she is still in her early 20s until she looks in the mirror and realizes she’s 47 years old. She has to remember her husband and friends by looking at photos plastered in bathroom. The man who sleeps next to her and lives with her says that he is her husband. She has no memory of getting married or loving him, but she has to believe what this man says because she don’t have option. But with the help of doctor she secretly starts to write a journal and finds a way to remember where she kept the journal. There are things which comes back to her memory. She is the only one she can trust. Lovely combination of psychology and mystery. I recommend this book to people who love to read mystery and psychology related novels. My ratings are- 4 out of 5.