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Unbelievable - Sara Shepard‘Don’t  believe everything you hear”

I love ”Pretty Little Liars” series they are filled with little secrets and lot of unexpected twists. ”Unbelievable” is the 4th book in the series. Previous book ended with Hana getting hit by a car and Aria, Emily, Spencer getting a message by A that she knew too much that’s why A had to hit her. This book starts with Hana in hospital suffering from memory loss( as expected). Our pretty little liars face so many problems and go through mental torture but finally when Hana gains her memory the identity of A is revealed and even Ali’s murderer is arrested. Who is A? Who is Ali’s murder and what was the reason to kill her?

This book is kind of my favorite out of 4 books in the series, because I feel  this book cant get more bitchier than this 🙂 According to me this book is the perfect ending of this mysterious series, but I see 5 more books in the series. I don’t know what more secrets are hidden. I am still wondering what author can add in next books when everything is settled and explained. I kinda feel pity for these girls. By the way there is someone still watching them.. so I know more secrets to come.