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No need to tell anyone what this book is about. Its not the time to write review as well. But I dont want to leave this book out of my list. I want to include it in my “books I have read” list.  Actually I was forced to read this book by my best friend. She is a very big fan of Harry Potter by the time I started reading first book she had finished 5th one. One fine day in hostel I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down until I finished. Then I didn’t turn back, I read all the series and I loved it. When I read this book I was 17 but now 24 with more knowledge about books still I am impressed in the same way how I was before.

Harry Potter and Philosopher’s stone is the first book in Harry potter series. Harry is a ten year old boy who is abused by his adopted family, his life is full of sadness until he finds out that he is a wizard.  He joins a school called Hogwarts for magical people and quickly makes friends with Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. He learns that  his parents were murdered by a evil wizard Lord  Voldemort who killed himself fighting with Harry’s parents. But he keeps coming back some how. In this story Harry and his friends must stop Voldemort getting the philosophers stone because it gives eternal life.

I liked the idea of game ” Quidditch” which is played on flying broom. And market for wizards called “Diagon Alley ” Some say its children’s book but I feel anyone who likes fantasy and new ideas and imagination will love this book.  I like the idea and characters in this book so I totally enjoyed the book.