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chain reactionChain reaction is the 3rd book in Perfect Chemistry series. First book – Perfect Chemistry was enchanting, but then the author tried to bring the same love story again and failed in other two books. I would not say it was total failure because it got really good ratings on Goodreads but then it does not have the same charm as the first one.  Unfortunately same concept didn’t work well again,with out charm, Bummer.

Nikki Cruz  once cheated by a boy, lives with certain rules in her life. Don’t trust a boy who says I love you and never date a boy from the south side of Fairfield because they all end up in gang, brotherhood before girlfriend. But  when she meets  Luis at his brother Alex’s  wedding she finds herself attracted to him. Luis is just like how his brothers were, ready to fight danger. But Brotherhood is planning something against his family and soon he will have to join the group to stop them from hurting them. Will Nikki fall in love with someone who wants to join the gang? What is this big plan which will soon change everything in  Fuentes brothers lives.

I am impressed how author can still write a book with same concept, rich girl falling for poor bad boy. I hear there is 4th book coming soon. I don’t know what will be the story, now that all  Fuentes brothers are done falling in love. My rating: 3 out of 5. I wanted to give 2.5 but then I am a sucker for love stories, so ended up rating it 3.

Rules of attractionI don’t think anyone can forget lovely couple  Alex and Brittany from ”Perfect chemistry” if they have read the book. Their undying love is not easy to forget. ”Rules of Attraction” is sequel to ”Perfect chemistry” it is second book in Perfect chemistry series.

After Alex’s mess cleared back with his Latino blood gang people he is now living quite a peaceful life going to college, working in some automobile shop, happy with Britanny. His younger brother Carlos is back to America after living in Mexico for a year. He had created his own mess there with gang people which his family was not aware of. He is the same stubborn person now, just like how Alex was a year before. He hates the idea of Britanny and Alex together because he thinks she is ruling him and his brother is not his brother anymore.Carlos wants to annoy his brother by insulting Kiara Westford from school who was helping him to get to know the school better as requested by Alex.Carlos gets arrested when police finds drugs in his locker and Mr. Westford and Alex takes the responsibility to change his attitude and Carlos starts living with Mr. Westford’ s, next to Kiara. They both just can’t be together under one roof, but after getting to know each other they kinda start liking each other but both refuses to admit the fact. Carlos is busy finding the person responsible for keeping drugs in his locker, and when he comes to know who is the person he is already involved in so many things he should’t have.

It is a good young adult novel, same as the first one There is another book, sequel to this one- ”Chain reaction”. It’s about their younger brother Louis, seems like falling in love is in their family. If you liked the first book then I am sure you will like the second one too.

Perfect Chemistry“Perfect chemistry” is a perfect romantic novel. You find romance, emotions, love, lust and revenge all together. Its about a “perfect” rich, white girl (who at least pretends to be perfect even though her life is imperfect) falling in love with a guy who is a Gangster in Latino Blood gang. At first they hate each other but being chemistry partners( like the title says) they start liking each other. Brittany being so perfect and rich, will she able to maintain a relationship with gangster Alex? Can Alex ever get a life if he quits his gang? What happens to this lovely perfect couple?

Its an young adult novel but I should warn, there are sexual scenarios.  But I enjoyed reading this book, I was very much involved from first page. Its kind of Romeo Juliet story, like rich falling in love with poor and fighting hard to get that love. Its a perfect movie material and a good read too.