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The devil and miss prymI have been reading a lot of young adult novels lately and my blog looks like purely YA book reviewing blog. I am on the quest to finish as many series as I can so that I can read other books in peace. I regret for starting so many series but glad that I am slowly finishing it. I picked up one of my favorite authors- Paulo Coelho’s book for a change and enjoyed as usual. What I like about his book is that he presents ideas more than the stories. I absolutely adore his writing style and philosophical view.

The basic premise is that a stranger comes to a small town. He speaks to Miss Prym, the local barmaid and tells her his plan. He wishes to offer the villagers enough gold to last for generations. All they have to do is murder one of their own. How the villagers choose will answer for the stranger whether people are basically good or basically evil. But Miss Prym is in dilemma here because she can’t accept his proposal and become a murderer but she can’t keep people away from this proposal becuase if they come to know that such an opportunity is gone from their hands they are surely going to blame her.

This story is perfect to understand the evil and good and which way today’s humanity is heading. Even though I wanted to give 4 I ended up rating it 3 after completing the book. Its a must read for Paulo Coelho fans.

The winner stands alone Its hard to give harsh review for Paulo Coelho’s book, being his fan I just can’ do it. But I have to because thats my job being a hardcore fan. I had been looking forward to read this book and when I got the opportunity to read, I am just disappointed. If this is about to be your first Paulo Coelho book,  please don’t read it, I assure you he is an author who is capable of much more than this. Simply by reading this book you may spoil your perception of him as an author.Having read his books like – ”Brida”, ”The Alchemist”, ”The fifth mountain”, ”Veronica decides to die”, ”By the river Peidra I sat down and wept” and many more I decided to read ”The Winner Stands Alone”. I was totally into this title and was expecting a good story and a lot to learn about life from this book. But later regretted my decision of reading this book.

When I started to read this book, in the beginning I was amused but slowly amusement started to turn in to frustration. First I was reading about a person who is emotionally suffering and  wants to get his wife back in his life at any cost. But then it was about everything- fashion industry, film distribution, diamond extraction, cloth manufacturing and what not. Repetitive complaining and mindless deeds took my imagination nowhere. I couldn’t imagine this characters  as living and full of feelings as I usually do while reading other books from this author. These were plain and annoying bunch of people who didn’t know what to do with their life. Story is about a rich man named Igor who is in Cannes festival in search of his wife who is remarried and happily living with some other man. Igor wants his wife back by taking lives and showing her how much he likes her. At first I thought it was little mystery crime story or about psycho killer or about celebrity life but it was nothing but boring. I still don’t understand what is the hidden meaning behind this story, I don’t see any moral or inspiration in what Igor did or I don’t see how the title is suitable for the story.

Somehow I was obliged to finish the book because I hate to leave books half read or  maybe I was just hoping against all the odds that through some miracle the story will take a twist and ending will justify the means. But that didn’t happen, I am not saying his every book should contain some moral or inspiration but at least it should have a decent story to read. My rating 2 out of 5. I wanted to give 1 but then I could’t do that to my favorite author’s book.

The Zahir”All you have to do is to pay attention; lessons always arrive when you are ready, and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need to know in order to take the next step”

-Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

Another novel by Paulo Coelho, my favorite author. This book was nothing like I expected. I was expecting a lot of inspiration and new thins to learn from this book but unfortunately I was disappointed. End was not that fulfilling and I was not connected to the main characters like how I usually do with the main characters of Paulo Coelho’s books. The Sufi concept mentioned in this book was good and as I already did my small research on the subject while reading ”The Forty Rules of Love”  by the author- Elif Shafak, it was easy to understand. It is a new concept but usual Paulo Coelho thing was missing from this story.

The narrator of ”The Zahir” is a best selling novelist and enjoys his life. While he is busy enjoying his life with money and celebrity status, his wife of ten years a war correspondent disappears with her friend Mikhail. Was she kidnapped, murdered or just escaped with lover? no one knows. But one day narrator finds out this Mikhail and the door to whole new truth about his wife opens.

It is good read, but I personally did’t like it much. May be I was expecting too much from this book. My rating: 2 out of 5. As a hard core fan of Paulo Coelho I have decided to read his all novels so one ‘not that good book’ can’t change my decision.

The-Fifth-Mountain-by-Paulo-CoelhoPaulo Coelho-what an amazing writer, he never disappoints his readers. You can just pick up his books blindly , you don’t need to read reviews and get an idea about the book before you pick up his books to read. I have read a lot of books from this author and I am a big fan! I have read – ”The Alchemist”, ”Veronica Decides to die”, ”Eleven minutes”, ”By the River Piedra  I Sat Down and Wept”, ”The Witch of Portobello”, ”Brida” and liked all of them. ”The Fifth Mountain” is another addition to my favorites from Paulo Coelho.

It is the story of a prophet whose destiny is written by God! In the ninth century b.c.he Phoenician princess Jezebel forces his subjects to worship the  pagan god Baal. He was influenced by his wife who tricked him by her charms to implement this rule all over his kingdom. Elijah, a prophet as commanded by an angel of God flees to Israel to sane his life and seeks shelter.He falls in love with a widow who gave him food and place to stay. But his difficulties doesn’t end here. He has to end this worship of Baal in his homeland and for that he has to return there.

It is story of man seeking his fortune by following God and his angels signals. Everyone has to fight their battles in this world to become a good warrior. But faith is the most important fact needed to win these battles. A wonderful tale of a prophet who is destined to do better things in life. As usual it was a good story with lot of inspiration. My rating: 3 out of 5.


Eleven Minutes ”I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.”  – Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

I am totally in love with Paulo Coelho’s books. He takes simple subjects to write a book and once you are done reading you know you have different prospective towards the same simple subject. philosophical and inspiring thoughts with simple yet interesting story line is his specialty.  I have read 6 books from this author till now including this book. All are wonderful master pieces, I should say for some books I might have rated less, but it depends how you like the subject in the book.

”Eleven minutes” is a story of young Brazilian girl Maria, who is heartbroken over first innocent crush. And then she believes that she will never get her true love and decides that love is a terrible thing which will make you suffer. In Rio on her first real vacation she meets this man who gives her chance to go to Geneva for work. But this work which will make her rich is prostitution. She has 2 choices, one to go back to her village and live as if nothing happened and marry this gentle man who said he will wait for her to come back, even though she is not in love with him. And the second choice is to live the life here make money by giving sexual pleasure and go back to village after making enough money to buy a farm and be happy with her parents.  Yes, she chose the second one, it may seem easy but it is not. Maria meets this 2 different people while she is in Geneva, who wants to show her 2 different ways of pleasure.  One is pleasure by pain and sex and another one is pleasure of sacred sex, but the choice is Maria’s weather to search pleasure in pain or pleasure in finding the inner light.

This is quite different topic. I would not prefer this book for young adults. Even though it is lacking lot of inspiring things I kinda liked this book. But some philosophies are good to read but not to follow. As they say everyone has their own way to explore their life and take chances, this is a different way of knowing the ups and downs of life and finding the love. My rating 3 out of 5.

Veronika Decides to DiePeople never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.” 

-Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to die.

God!I love his writing. When I read his books I transfer into another world. I can feel his books! I would like to read all his books. ”Veronika Decides to Die” has got simple story line but there are lots of lessons to learn.

The protagonist, a young woman named Veronika, attempts to kill herself because she just doesn’t see life getting any more interesting. She doesn’t succeed right away, and ends up in an insane asylum. Where she meets different people suffering fro different kind of mental problems. But slowly she realizes that all of them are not insane, but trying to act like one because they don’t want to go to the out side world where no one agrees with their ideas. She meets this boy who is  schizophrenic son of rich dad and a group of people pretending to be insane. Soon she realizes that there is not much time for her, she is dying soon. Instead of feeling happy she feels confused and sad. Now Veronika doesn’t want to die because she is in love with schizophrenic guy and more than anything she found a way to fall in love with her life.

World always doesn’t welcome new ideas. Some people are called out of their mind or insane for thinking out of the box.   It is very interesting concept. but I predicted the ending 🙂 So Paulo Coelho fans, if you haven’t read this yet, you are really missing a good book. So go ahead and treat yourself with this book.

by the river piedra i sat down and wept“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.”

– Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

Paulo Coelho’s books  never fails to inspire me. I wonder how anyone can get such great philosophical thoughts. It’s not the matter of one book, whichever books I have read till now ( The Alchemist, The witch of Portobello and Brida) all are excellent.

 ”By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept” is a wonderful and enlightening love story. Its a confusion of young couple to choose the path of love. According to me love is always difficult, but when you destined to love someone, you will get what you want. Its the story of Pilar, a girl who is frustrated in her life with same useless things going. When a childhood friend contacts her, she is surprised to learn that her former playmate is now a charismatic spiritual leader, someone revered as a miracle worker. They were always in touch through letters, Pilar always thought about him. When he invites her to one of his speech sessions she is confused and proud about his abilities. She gets more confused when he says she was always and is always his great love of life. But Pilar wants to see what awaits her other than usual life and agrees to go with him on a vacation for a week. There Pilar gradually comes to realize that the man she loves is being called upon to choose between her and his spiritual calling. Whom he will choose? Will she accept his love if he chooses her?

Beautiful will be the right word for this novel. If you are a fan of Paulo Coelho then you will definitely like it.  For People who didn’t read his books this will be the best chance to explore his writing. But I think nothing can beat ”The Alchemist” 🙂 My ratings for ”By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept”- 4 out of 5.

The Witch of PortobelloI have read couple of Paulo Coelho’s books. I am a big fan of his writing. ”The Alchemist” and ”Brida” were wonderful read. When I read his books I don’t just feel like reading a normal book but I experience a kind of joyful journey. It is like travelling to the unseen corners of Universe.

The Witch of Portobello is  a very unique and compelling tale about a girl and her spiritual journey in search of peace. It is written in a very different way. It is written as a series of first person accounts of individuals interactions with unusual heroine Athena aka the Witch of Portobello.I don’t know how to  review this book I don’t get much to tell about the story, when it is told by many. Athena tries to fill the spaces in her life which are very disturbing but when she learns that it is important she becomes spiritual leader. Some people think she is sinner and some think she is saint. She gets lot of followers as well as lots of life threatening warnings. Who is she? What is her life is like? What she achieved to become a spiritual leader? More than that who likes her and who hates her? to know all these answers you should read this book.

Compared to Alchemist it is kind of slow going. But it is very interesting book if you like witch and spiritual stories.

Brida”Nothing in the world is entirely wrong my dear, even a stopped clock is right twice a day”

I’m a big Coelho fan and i have read only two books so far! The alchemist was a great phenomenon,  when compared to The Alchemist, Brida does not match that level. But I liked the same positive energy throughout the book. The author once again brings about a good reflection on universal truths and spiritual enlightenment.

Soul mate, love at first sight concept  doesn’t exist now or if it still exists people are not bothered about that. This book explains a lot about soul mates and how they are formed and why they are meant to be together. But at the end it tells us even the soul mate concept will not stand if there is no love in between soul mates. As usual with all his energetic philosophies and a good story line I completely enjoyed reading.

This is a story about a young Irish girl who wants to learn magic. She finds two teachers to teach her magic. Both are excellent teachers, Magus who follows the tradition of sun and Wicca who follows the tradition of moon. But which one will she choose is left to her and her destiny. During  all these learning sessions she learns about  concept of soul mate and gets curious to know who is her soul mate. When she learns that she has a difficulty to follow that. A young girl’s confused, fascinating, magical tale of achievement.

I know magic is something, most of the people will not believe. Its up to you how you want to take it. If you consider this as a  real story ( I see author saying so before the story stars, or its only me who read it? ) or fiction. I found many things I came across before in my life just like how I found some similar things happened or happening in life when I read The Alchemist. I strongly believe in fact where Wicca says to Brida that clothes carry a part of emotions like happiness or sadness from past at least the memories will be there in them. Some clothes always makes us sad or put us in danger when we wear them because they are not meant for us, but for someone, we bought it by mistake. I felt that many times that clothes reflect our past feelings which we had when we wore them and some clothes no matter when I wear them gives a kind of un easy feeling  or sad feeling.

I would say its great book if you are interested to know about magic, witchcraft and related things.

The alchemist”When a person really desires something, all the universe comprises to help that person to realize his dream”

I just loved that line, it’s one of my favorite lines form the book.  How true and meaningful! I always thought that when you want something very badly, always miracles happens to provide you with what you wanted. Now I know how it works!

This book is more than wonderful, it changes the readers lives by filling inspiration to work towards destiny. It’s great work of fiction, but very familiar to what we go through in our daily lives. Omens, signs, universal language is what we know but fail to understand. This is a story of a boy named Santiago, a shepherd who tries to follow his dreams in search of treasure.His journey  from Spain to Pyramids of Egyptian dessert teaches him how to understand the language of universal soul. When he meets the alchemist everything becomes clear. What is his dream? How is he going to chase his dreams?  What are the lessons learned? What is the final outcome of his travelling? One have to read this book to learn answers to all these questions.  According to me it’s a must read book for real book lovers.

I encountered many things which I already believed and followed at one point of my life time, like a proverb used by the alchemist- ”Every thing that happens once can never happen again. But every thing that happens twice will surely happen a third time”. In my childhood I always heard elders saying this proverb and making me pretend to fall once again if I have already fallen that day twice, just to make sure that I wont fall third time seriously and injure myself 🙂

Somehow I correlated lot of things in this book with normal person’s life. This is a wonderful fiction novel. I would give this book all 5 stars.