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One dayStory of this book was brilliant! But there was something missing in the book, I failed to find till the end. It is Romance between friends, felt like old wine but in new bottle.

It is a different love story between friends, Emma and Dexter meet each other on graduation day (Emma had crush on Dexter before) and after that day they were separated because there were no strings attached. But their friendship grows with time, even though they date different people they can’t get each other out of their minds. Emma is kind of frustrated with life, always with low spirit, and thinks that her life can not be better than present. But Dexter is optimistic person who always wants to travel or meet new people and do something different. Over 20 years, both have got enough experience in life and have seen thick and thin situations but their affection is still the same. Will the accept that they love each other? What will be the ending of this different love story of friends?

I picked up this book, because I wanted to watch the movie. I always prefer reading books before I watch movie, in that way I don’t spoil my reading and I can compare it with the movie. But after reading this book I am having second thoughts about watching this movie. Anyways it was an average read, I rated it 2 out of 5. I didn’t find anything that special about this book, there were lot of unnecessary things in between the story. It was in best seller list, then again may be it was only me who didn’t like it!


I have decided to buy at least one book per month and now I have taken the grand step towards that. Yuppie! I bought 3 books this month, that too highly recommended books. I covered Feb to Apr by buying 3 books together. Cant wait to read them, but first I have to finish the books in my reading list. I am currently reading ”Pride and Prejudice” and ”It happened in Paris”.  Book which I started and quit reading this month is ”One day”( it is not bad, I will restart reading it someday)

 Thanks to all book lovers who kept supporting and recommending books. Please share which books you like and why you would like to recommend.