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The Diary of a Young Girl”The Diary of a Young Girl”  is the real Diary of Anne Frank, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl. She wrote it locked up in the attic where she spent last years of her life fearing Nazi’s attack. Cut off from the real world, they faced  hunger, boredom and continuous threat. But that was the only way to survive. They lived each and everyday in fear, terrified that someone will find out their secret hideout. But Anne Frank was bold enough to write in a diary it was like her secret pleasure and time pass. If you read the book you can find her growing from a innocent girl to a teenager. But she had a real strong will, if she survived the war she would have grown to be a marvelous person.

It was a good book, I can’t really call it as a book because it is not. It is a diary of teenager who struggled to survive. I don’t get the negative comments about this book. This is someone’s diary for God’s sake, not a book to entertain people. So if people think that this is boring and they could’t finish, how can you expect someone to have an interesting life when locked up in the attic? And for those who think that the book is not written properly, Hell she is 13-14 years old, she didn’t write to get an award. I don’t think anyone should criticize something which was written by a 13 year old under that circumstances.

This is the book you should read if you are a fan of documentary  and fiction.

Who will cry when you dieLife is always full of up and downs, every turn is different from the previous one. Life will have value when we live it fully by knowing the value of life, I totally believe in it. Self help books are not my choice, according to me nobody can teach you how to live your life but a little guidance is not bad 🙂

I have read couple of self help books in my childhood, ( mostly for interesting stories in it) my mom is a big fan of inspirational books. I have read- ”Badukalu Kaliyiri ( Part 1 and 2 ) by Swami Jagadatmananda and Vijayakke 5 ne mattu 6 ne mettilu by Yendamuri Veerendranath both are in my regional language Kannada. I have enjoyed reading stories with innner meaning hidden in it. According to whatever is told in the form of stories or examples will remain in our memories forever, life lessons in the form of stories makes it interesting read.

”Who will cry when you die?” is about how to lead a good life, everything is mentioned in the form of list rather than stories. But here I observed a fact that whatever was mentioned in this book was what exactly I did or was doing in my life ( except wake up at 5 concept :)) According to me it is not life enlightening read but if you want to re-check the things which you are already following in your life you should read this book.