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Finally finished ‘Bonded’. The good news  is that its not the last book in this series. It’s just as good as the other three books in this series. ‘Bonded’  reveals kind of link between all books. I wanted to read this book very badly, so read it in office as well (pretending to work). I read it online( so that I could easily pretend as if I am working on some serious issue on my lap top) through ”Feed books” where downloading facility is available for free. Author of the book Nicky Charles is a great writer, I love her imagination and writing skills. When I told her that I am reading her book in between work  ( through face book page ) she told me to  be careful and not to get caught by boss 🙂 I liked it so much that she interacts with her book lovers personally.

Bonded starts with some characters who never appeared in previous books. But once you start reading you know where its going and how its linked. There is romance between Reno a tough Enforcer for Lycan Link  and  Brandi , a DC officer. Even though they end up having sex only twice, what is that bond between them which drives them always closer? Brandi remembers nothing about bonding, but how it had happen?

As usual, wonderful novel from author Nicky Charles. In between I felt little boring  but later that faded away soon. Waiting for next book 🙂

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