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 Did you ever imagine that the obedience is biggest curse? Imagine a life where you can’t say ”No”, and you will be obedient to everyone whether you want it or not.  Yes! Its horrible! Ella was gifted with obedience at her birth by a fairy. When people find out about the curse, they quickly learn to use it to their advantage. Obedience means, of course, that Ella must do whatever she is told, as long as it is issued as a command – not doing so causes physical hurting.

A journey to find Lucinda, the fairy who cursed her, leads to adventures , and finally the remarriage of her father puts Ella into the Cinderella story, as Ella becomes the unwilling servant of her stepmother and stepsisters because of so called ”Gift of obedience” by fairy.  Prince Char is in love with Ell but she cant marry him.There is a fairy god mother for Ella, who is that? How can she break the curse on her? Will she marry Prince Char?

I found this story interesting because it was brilliant way of telling fairy tale according to this generation style. I liked all the mythical creatures in the story and concept of different tongues. Over all its a enjoyable story. I am going to watch the movie”Ella Enchanted” based on this novel soon.