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The Godfather‘Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family”- Don Corleone

”The God Father” is a classic of underworld mafia. I don’t know what to say about this book. It is excellent,well written nothing can be compared to this. This is epic!  This book started my long running obsession with Mafia.I haven’t watched the movie yet, I heard it is good too.

Everyone already knows the general plot of the Godfather so I am not going to drag it. Its about a man with power and a clear motive, Don Vito Corleone, totally love him. Sonny, Michael, Vito, Lucca Brazzi, Peter Clemenza were also great. This book is a moving puzzle. You are so confused about who is back biting who. Puzo’s novel brings to life the Corleone family and their tradition.

The Godfather is, in many ways, not just a novel – it is an experience. If you haven’t read it please read it. I am planning to watch the movie soon to give it some extra effect. My rating is 4 out of 5. I wanted to give 5 but then in some places I felt the story is been dragged too much!

Some Dashing dialogues from the book:

  • I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
  • “Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold.”
  • “Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”
  • “The man with the briefcase can steal more money than the man with the gun.”
  • Italians have a little joke, that the world is so hard a man must have two fathers to look after him, and that’s why they have godfathers.”

There is no better hobby than reading! So I don’t need to think about improving my hobbies. I already have many hobbies to keep me happy and engaged. ( Thank God I am not that lazy on week days ).

Now I have to concentrate on other things. 5 things I plan to do apart from reading-

  1. Try not to close my eyes, or hide my face behind pillow or run away to bath room while watching a horror movie. ( Every time I do that while watching horror movie, so I have decided to try watching no matter what comes on screen)
  2. Get a job, that I love to do.( I don’t think everyone loves their job, so its important)
  3. Finish watching all movies which are in the ”Movies to watch list”. ( There are more than 100 movies)
  4. Find tops for my 2 new skirts. ( I know it seems easy, but I have been searching for almost more than 7 months now! thats why they are still new to me)
  5. Arrange my clothes and discover whats there in my wardrobe ( very tough!)

Hopefully I can finish these tasks soon. There is no time limit so I am not hurrying 🙂

Its late for a review! I know, all Hunger games fans are already given the review. And all reviews are positive about the movie. I watched it on 22nd March thats last week and liked it. If you read my previous reviews about novels and  movies based on novels, you will find that I always felt books are better than movies. When a novel is adapted as a movie, they will always end up spoiling it. But this one is quite opposite.

This post is not about review. I should say that I am little confused after watching this movie. When I read this book I thought Peeta and Katniss will make a good pair. As Peeta was supportive and liked Katniss and helped her to win,I liked his character. I didn’t understand why Katniss had problem to accept his love. He is so innocent and lovable.

Peeta and Katniss

But after watching  the movie I liked Gale’s character too. He liked Katniss, and took care of her family in her absence and he looks good too. So I don’t know who will be suitable pair for Katniss now. Peeta or Gale?

Whom do you think as a good pair? I know I am acting like a crazy fan but I am as confused as Katniss 🙂 Now I am reading  the second book ”Catching Fire”, may be I will get an idea after reading this.

Nights in RodantheAnother heart warming and heart breaking love story by Nicholas sparks. I started reading this a month back and somehow couldn’t complete reading. Its a sad romantic novel, as usual typical Nicholas sparks kind of ending, people who read his novels will know what I am talking about.

Story is about a brief affair of a middle-aged divorced woman named Adrienne who kept this as secret all her life and finally decides to tell to her daughter Amanda who lost her husband. She tells how she met Paul in Rodanthe and fell in love with him. Why she is telling her love story to her daughter now? What is her love story?

I was expecting through out the book that “now I will cry, oh yes now I am going to cry” but finally cried a bit at the end. I should say its not as sad as “The note Book” or ” A walk to remember”. I am planing to watch the movie too. If you are in a mood to read something very sad and heart breaking and full of emotions this is the right book to read.

Sisterhood of travelling pantsI was attracted by the title, I was like may be its modern fairy tale or something related to magic. I didn’t read any reviews before reading this book (I like sponge bob square pants I know its nothing to do with book, thought of mentioning it here 🙂 ) I should say that it was not that exciting as I expected it to be. But it reminded  me of  my best friends ( now we are not in that touch becuase we all live in different countries and hardly we have get together s).

Its about a pair of jeans which is believed as magical by four best friends, “The Septembers,” who have known each other forever (their mothers became friends while pregnant) and have never been separated for long. But the first summer that they will all spend apart arrives and they worry that they will grow apart. But not to worry, as they discover a pair of jeans (The Traveling Pants) that magically fit each of them despite their different sizes and heights. They agree to share the pants, establishing set rules and passing the jeans back and forth amongst them to ensure that they keep in touch. With the help of the pants and each other, the girls manage to overcome the various personal struggles and tragedies that they experience, ending up closer than ever despite being farther apart than ever before.

What everyone will face throughout the summer is completely different set of feelings and situations. How this pants will help them? Are they really magical? What are the stories of these teenage girls? If you are ready to read a fantasy, teen read which you will read and think as time pass or entertainer its  a good book to read. Its first book of the travelling  pants series, there are more books- The second summer of the sisterhood, Girls in pants: The third summer of sisterhood, Forever in blue: The fourth summer of sisterhood, sisterhood everlasting. I dont think I will read any of this books soon.

Movie was slow moving and I didn’t feel that its effective like book in any part, even the emotions were not expressed in movie how it was in book.

What can be more tasty than a curry made from mixing different spices? Yes playing with spices and experimenting on food is something I always do, sometimes I get excellent result and sometimes end up spoiling the taste 🙂

I watched the movie Mistress of spices, Aishwarya Rai (as Tilo) and Dylan McDermott (as Doug aka Raven) long back, but today I read the novel, which was adapted into movie. A mythical, romantic, and spicy story of spice and the mistress of spices who is old, who has the gift of special powers to talk to spices and use it for welfare of human beings. Novel describes about Indians who came to America in search of different things. Tilo, the mistress of spices solve everybody’s problem by giving them different spices. But she can not use them for herself or fall in love with anybody. In spite of all the warnings she falls in love with a man. From here story is mainly about how she will fight back her desire for mortal life and love? How spices will punish her, will they leave her and go forever? What her Old one, who made her mistress of spices will do to stop her?

There are lot of difference between book and the movie. Movie does not say about pirates coming in ships and taking her away from her parents, it is pictured as a group of bandits. Movie does not show  any serpents helping her to reach the Island. Main difference is in the movie “Mistress” is not old lady, she is young and beautiful, there is no earthquake and powers are still with her. I felt the novel kind of boring in between.

This time for my surprise I liked the movie than book. In book it seemed so unreal, but in movie everything was so clear and seemed real to me.