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I haven’t finished even a single book which I bought recently! ”The secret of little bees”, ”Riptide” and ”Disco Daddy” are lying in my shelf. I think I have to forget about reading old books from my shelf  soon( ”One day”, ”The House” and ” After the Party”) I bought 2 more books now to add to my collection, ”The Help” and ”Before I Go To Sleep”. I am super exited,I have heard a lot about this 2 books.

That is my recent purchase, love forever teddies 🙂 I always love the smell of book it is warm and reminds me so many things. I am looking forward to read these books soon. As now I own kindle I am busy reading books in it but I cant forget the pleasure of smelling a new book.

As I promised myself to buy a book per month I ended up buying two! My previous book purchase ( The Alchemist, Brida and The secret life of bees) covered till April and I count this purchase for May and June 🙂


I  accidentally discovered this Book shop while I was taking a walk on Cornish Road. And for my surprise there was a book sale. This time I thought of buying something which I never heard of before. I bought Disco Daddy by Morag Prunty and Riptide by James Humphreys.


As I never heard about this authors or books before I am so exited to read these books. But I am in half way with Pride and Prejudice hope to finish that first. Let me know what you think about my book purchase, or if you have read these books before or heard about it please share your view.