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After reading ”Thanks for the memories” and “P.S I love you” I definitely wanted to read more from this author. By looking at the title I felt its a romantic story but no, it was entirely different.

Its a story about a girl  named Sandy Shortt who started ‘Missing person’s agency’. Who is obsessed with lost things since her childhood after her neighbor and classmate disappears. Sandy struggles to cope with the concept of lost and how things can suddenly disappear. Where does things go when they disappear? She finds an answer to this question finally when she goes missing and lands up in such a place, A place called here where all the missing people are.

Imagine a land where all people who are alive and missing go, and things go! Yes its some thing similar to dream land. Where things keep appearing and people keep popping up when they went missing in “real” world. I had same thoughts when I was a kid, where things will go missing even though you keep them safe, and remember the place where you kept them. I use to loose my earrings, socks, pens and homework in my school days and kept wondering where did all things go? And even now some small things goes missing.

There is something about this book that kept me reading in spite of being a little bored in between. It was so interesting in the beginning then story was bit slow, but it gives different view about where missing things go. May be its true! 🙂