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I read ‘Thanks for the memories’ 4 months back when I had nothing else to read. I didn’t know this author’s writing style because I never read any of her books before. I wanted to read P.S I love you but somehow I ended up watching the movie and never got a chance to read the book. I usually read the book first then watch the movie. Now P.S I love you is in my ‘Yet to read list’. 🙂

Now coming to ‘Thanks for the memories’ I wasn’t sure how I  felt about this book in the beginning, but after the first couple  of chapters I was hooked. In the beginning I felt it boring but later it kept me on my toes.Imagine, if you got a blood transfusion and with the stranger’s blood you get his memory too. Yeah! its something unbelivable, but this is the main concept in this book. Even thogh its nowhere near to reality I liked the story. The book also highlights the  real need for people to give blood, and how it truly can save a person’s life.

Its a story with  right mix of heartache, romance and magic to keep readers hooked. Here she so realistically describes everything. Now coming to the story part Joyce Conway remembers many things which she is not sure how she knows. Justin Hitchcock is divorced, lonely and restless. He meets with an attractive doctor who forces him to donate blood. When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident, with broken marriage and broken heart. Starts to live with her father, then all this memories of unknown things starts coming.  Finally she will find out -what are these  memories and belongs to whom?

Its a good novel with lots of feeling and dramatical twists. Its worth reading I would recommend this book 🙂