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Power Study Power Study” is an eight chapter side story written from the perspectives of two characters from the series: Ari and Janco.This novella falls between Magic Study and Fire Study. This book was supposed to be a fun read, common you have two amazing characters here Ari and Janco, but then it failed badly. Ari and Janco kind of came across as more annoying than amusing. I don’t know why I bothered to pick this up but I regret doing that. No offense for those who find this mind blowing, fantastic and humorous read. 

Its about Ari and Janco dealing with a cocky young soldier with a Sitian magic sword. My rating: 1 out of 5. If you are already into this series you can just skip this and it won’t even make a difference.

Fire Study”Fire Study” is the third installment of Study series. This book was bit difficult to get through. The plot was dull and progressed slowly. I don’t know what happened to Valek’s character and his heart of steal, now he acts like one love crazed teenager by calling her ”My love” through out the book.

When people come to know that Yelena is a soul finder people grow uneasy and scared of her abilities. When she realizes that her homeland is in danger she has to take the matters into her hands and until anyone believes her she has to hide somewhere and plan to win. Which can be a better place than Ixia? But if she goes to Ixia she will be proved a traitor by Sitian Law. She has to play this game slowly and carefully.

I don’t even remember how many times they encountered the enemy and how many times escaped. This story could have been better I don’t know why author lost the story here in 2nd and 3rd installments. I think that is what happens when you write an amazing book and decide to write sequels for that. It is very hard to write up to the standards of the first one. My rating: 2 out of 5.

I saw this while going through Goodreads and I had to post this awesome piece of art which very well describes the series.



Magic study ”Magic Study” is 2nd installment in ”Study” series.  I am at a complete loss here, poison study was amazing book with an engaging and unique story line but this book is slow going. Magic Study begins much the same as first book, but at some point it looses its effect. There are considerably more DOH! moments in this book, considering how often Yelena was injured, captured, and beat-to-a-pulp in this follow-up to Poison Study,

Yelena must travel to her homeland to her parents form where she’d been stolen from long ago. Considering the freedom she had been given first time in her life she should be happy, but her heart is in Ixia with Valek. Yelena’s parents are very happy to see her but everyone is not happy. Her brother wold love to see her dead and there are some powerful rivals than she imagined. But she has her old friends to fight her new enemies.

I know sequels are supposed to suck compared to the first book in a series but still I get disappointed every time. My rating: 3 out of 5. More like 2.5 stars actually, but I am being extremely generous in the memory of “Poison Study.”

4450057Assassin Study is a quick novella, following Poison Study,  to give a brief link to the Magic Study. I loved the first book. Poison Study in the Study series. I usually don’t like to read mini sequels following the main novel, because I find them unnecessary and useless.

As everyone is busy cleaning up the mess after  Brazell and Mogkan, Valek discovers that an assassin has gone to hunt down Yelena as she travels to her ancestral homeland. Valek rushes to Sitia to intercept the assassin and rescue his love. Will Valek survive in Magic land of Sitia?  Who is this assassin trying to kill Yelena?

Its a quick read of around 15 pages. My rating: 2 out of 5.  There is not much of a story here, so you won’t miss much if you skip it. 

Poison StudyPoison study is the first book in Study series and I totally liked the world created by author Maria V.Snyder. Great story development and amazing imagination.

Yelena is a orphan girl who is charged with murder and about to die. But she was given an option, quick death or slow poison. Upon her choice to become a food taster for the king she was given a slow poison, butterfly dust which will affect her if she won’t take the antidote everyday. Valek the chief of security who gave her the slow poison now has the antidote and makes sure that she can’t runaway with her new freedom. Slowly Yelena learns about different poisons and how to detect and check for them in food. If she fails in that then she is dead. But why is she a murderer? What is her story? Will she keep this job of food taster and wait for her antidote everyday?

I liked the romance blooming between Yelena and Valek. My rating: 4 out of 5. It is a total entertainer and a good read. There are 6 main books in the series and 3 sub books.